Noam Chomsky Schools 9/11 Truther; Explains the Science of Making Credible Claims

We don’t often write up videos posted by 9-11 Truthers, but you can watch an interesting exchange when this particular Truther confronts well-known linguist and political observer Noam Chomsky during the question session after the latter’s talk at the University of Florida. “You’ve mentioned quite a few contradictions from the media and their presentations on things, and I think the most notorious case of this is with September 11, 2001,” says the Truther after taking the microphone. “You wanted to see a consensus of engineers and specialists that understand the actual structures of these buildings and their possible collapse, and there is such a group. It’s called Architects and Engineers for 9-11 Truth.” As the Truther gets into the “consensus of over 2000 of them,” the moderator interrupts, wondering if he actually has a question. (Surely we’ve all endured these moments in question segment.) But the Truther continues: “This consensus shows that Building 7, the third building that fell on 9/11, fell in freefall speed as the [National Institute of Standard and Technology] report acknowledges. Are you ready to come forward and jump on board with 9/11?” Thus asked to comment on whether the media has covered up the manner in which this particular building collapsed, Chomsky replies with a defense of standard scientific procedures.

“In fact, you’re right that there’s a consensus among a miniscule number of architects and engineers. They are not doing what scientists and engineers do when they think they’ve discovered something. What you do is write articles in scientific journals, give talks at the professional societies, go to the civil engineering department at MIT or Florida or wherever you are, and present your results, then proceed to try to convince the national academies, the professional society of physicists and civil engineers, the departments of the major universities, that you’ve discovered something. There happen to be a lot of people around who spend an hour on the internet and think they know a lot physics, but it doesn’t work like that. There’s a reason there are graduate schools in these departments.” But hasn’t the government intimidated those who know the real story from speaking out against the official line? “Anybody who has any familiarity with political activism knows that this is one of the safest things you can do. It’s almost riskless. People take risks far beyond this constantly — including scientists and engineers.” Chomsky has more to say about the facts we can use, the opinions he disavows, and the forces driving the Iraq War in the remainder of the seven-minute clip. “We will let you be the judge of his response,” say the video’s notes. Indeed.

via Critical Theory

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Comments (96)
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  • Shannon Stoney says:

    But Chomsky himself at one time said that 9/11 was retaliation by TX elites against East Coast elites for the Enron bust.

  • Carson says:

    Pedantic, evasive and disingenuous answer, when this is normally not his style. Disappointing.

  • Sam R. says:

    No surprises here. Chomsky has always been anti-conspiracy. In his view, everything is basically out there, on the surface, you just have to pay attention to what the power elite are saying to each other. And he’s had that accompanying positivist, scientific, empirical, pro-academe stance forever. Academic research proceeds onward, discovering the truth, etc.nnFrom any reasonable state of mind, though, the whole set of convoluted 9/11 conspiracy theories are pretty comical if you actually start reading them. That goes for “the planes got evacuated” to “Jews did it” all the way through the truly inspired “all the videos showing planes are fake.”

    • Andreas Meyer says:

      Have a look at “manufacturing consent”.

      • Sam R. says:

        In film form? Check out:n book form? Check out the second page of the preface (which is available in the preview on, with the paragraph starting:n”Institutional critiques such as we present in this book are commonly dismissed by establishment commentators as ‘conspiracy theories,’ but this is merely an evasion. We do not use any kind of ‘conspiracy’ hypothesis to explain mass-media performance. In fact, our treatment is much closer to a ‘free market’ analysis, with the results largely an outcome of the workings of market forces.”

    • Ian Fantom says:

      But none so comical as the Bush-Blair fantasy that a sick man in a cave in the Black Mountains of Afghanistan orchestrated the whole thing whilst under the watchful eye of the CIA. The 9/11 Truth Movement is not a membership organisation, nor is it a vast conspiracy against the state, as some people seem to be suggesting. It’s thousands upon thousands of individuals and small groups who don’t believe in the official conspiracy theory. Of course people have contradictory ideas – especially when red herrings are thrown in to make the whole thing look ridiculous. But who in this whole saga can possibly look more ridiculous than your very own George W Bush?

    • polfilmblog says:

      Chomsky blatantly spins 9/11, claiming “they” (the Bush regime) blamed 9/11 on their “allies” (the Saudi regime). This is a false reality. nnThe Saudi regime PERPETRATED the crime, and were a party to it. They were not BLAMED by the Bush white house for the crime. That is what is covered up to this day, and what Senator Bob Graham has been talking about for 12 years now…nn’s false reality, implying that the Saudis were somehow held responsible for this attack on America is through the looking glass. A second conspiracy is clearly evident in covering up Saudi culpability and sponsorship of the September 11th attacks. The cover up itself is treason according to the Constitution, “aid and comfort” to those who wage war on the US. nnnnAll this passes by casually with the dismissals of the thought leader Chomsky, the great misleader of the impotent left. That Chomsky would disregard evidence and a long history of covert collusion between US intelligence and these despotic regimes, tells us plenty about him. Usually, Mr. Chomsky wants to bring out the evidence and elucidate on the meaning of these connections. In the case of 9/11, however, it’s the opposite. He is okay with the cover up, and he doesn’t want to talk about it. nThat is uncharacteristic of him. He is not a trustworthy source on this issue at all, and he does not want to know.

  • skepticR says:

    I’m a paramedic but my father was a civil engineer and I grew up around heavy construction projects, bridges, locks and dams, sea walls and levees, high rise buildings, even missile silos, etc… and worked in that field to make money for college So I have an intimate real world knowledge of construction (including demolition). When I first started my undergraduate studies I was thinking of following my father into the profession and my studies were heavy on mathematics and physics and was at the top of my class so I have some knowledge in this area (it was only later I decided to switch to pre-med and fell in love with paramedicine while doing observation rides). From a purely engineering point of view there is just NO evidence 9/11 was an ‘inside job’. My father, who was a consulting engineer on the levees around New Orleans after Katrina, reviewed the reports of the 9/11 commission and we had several discussions about it before his death. He also thought the ‘truther’ arguments were ludicrous. But I guess engineering degrees don’t matter anymore because as Noam Chomsky said anybody can go on the internet today and after an hour think they know as much as someone who completed graduate level studies and then spent a lifetime in the field as a working engineer. These people are delusional. But if anyone wants to see an actual SCIENCE based site that explains why there was no government conspiracy and how two planes could bring down not only the towers but the other buildings as well here’s a link to the best one I know of:

    • Deyan says:

      You know what was awesome? About a quarter way reading through your post, before you even declared whether or not 9/11 was or wasn’t an inside job, I could already tell that you weren’t going to be a truther. And you know why? Because you actually posted your experiences, and in a very articulate way. And I conclude, everytime, that whoever has experience in this sort of thing, always comes out to the good side.

    • PecosinRat says:

      That’s an interesting story, skepticR. However, it doesn’t answer any of the questions raised about the collapses of the buildings at the World Trade Center. Perhaps there is an explanation (other than controlled demolition) for how a building collapses at (or very near) free fall speed of acceleration into its own footprints symmetrically. I’d be very interested in hearing it. There would, of course, be a follow up question, “How did it happen three times on the same day?”

      • skepticR says:

        Uh yes it does. I clearly linked to a site that provides detailed scientific analysis of the engineering and physics related to ALL the buildings that fell on 9/11 INCLUDING building seven. But since you are apparently unaware of how to access such a link I will post it again. What you do is place the cursor (that’s the little arrow looking thingy) on it and press the button. Here it is AGAIN—–>

        • PecosinRat says:

          Forgive me, I thought your educational background, discussions with your father, and youthful exposure to the construction world could allow you to help me understand how the top 13% of a building could crush the supposedly undamaged 87% below it, a seeming violation of Newton’s third law–every action has an equal and opposite reaction. It seems to me that Newton would have predicted that the most that the top part of the building could destroy is another 13% as it was destroyed itself. Of course, the videos show the top part of the building disintegrated very shortly after the collapse began, so it wasn’t even there to do the crushing.

          • skepticR says:

            I don’t know where you went to school but it’s obvious they didn’t cover physics very well because you apparently don’t understand Newton at all.

          • PecosinRat says:

            Thank you for that appraisal, my teachers would probably have agreed. I’m open to your explanation.

          • PecosinRat says:

            Perhaps it’s best to acknowledge that this teachable moment has passed. Thanks for the conversation.

          • skepticR says:

            It’s only passed because YOU refused it. I offered you a link to a site that gives detailed answers to EVERY question you asked but you FAILED to take advantage of it THREE separate times. It is not my job to teach YOU physics especially in the comments section of an article such as this when all you have to do is simply click a link to an excellent science based and peer reviewed website that’s already set up. If you don’t understand physics fine but you then have NO business telling those of us who do what it has to say about anything particularly a subject such as this. The answers are there ignoring them will NOT make them disappear nor will it somehow validate your belief in some nonsensical conspiracy fantasy.

        • dog says:

          All debunking claims have actually been debunked already.

  • Andreas Meyer says:

    The official government approved narrative of events is itself a “conspiracy theory”: n

  • Ian Fantom says:

    Very disappointed to hear that from Chomsky. He’s blinding us with science. Why not apply the same science to the politicians who have been advancing the idea that Building 7 fell as a consequence of two aircraft hitting the other towers? The point about 9/11 Truth is not what we believe but what we don’t believe. As regard Chomsky’s own idea that the US government could not have been involved because they didn’t use that as an excuse to invade Iraq, then why not put that one up to scientific scrutiny? In fact the Neocons attempted to do just that, but MI5 advised against it, presumably because they wouldn’t be able to get that past the Brits. So they attacked Afghanistan instead, and then later diverted the military effort onto Iraq, using 9/11 as part of the pretext. What is Chomsky’s game?

    • ‘Disappointed’? That’s the problem with Conspiracy Theories – our desire to believe in them clouds our objectivity.

      • Ian Fantom says:

        Your desire to believe in them, not mine. Not believing what politicians tell us is not a theory. Chomsky himself is well-known for his conspiracy theories concerning the US hegemony of the world. His insistence that the state has no secrets is unscientific. His recent statement is rather like saying: “The moon is made of cheese. If you don’t believe me, then write a scientific paper on it and have it peer reviewed. Otherwise you’re an irrational conspiracy looney”. It’s asymmetrical logic.

        • Deyan says:

          Terrible analogy. We know the moon isn’t made of cheese, and there is actually scientific literature proving this. The claim “the moon is made of cheese” can therefore be easily disproved. The problem is that you’re acting like the burden of proof is on him, when it’s the 9/11 conspiracy people who have the burden of proof laid on them. We all know what happened that day, four planes were hijacked and crashed into the landmarks of the US. Anyone who disagrees and makes a claim that says otherwise, needs to prove it.

          • Ian Fantom says:

            We all know there was a conspiracy. The question is who was behind it. The Bush-Blair claim that Osama bin Laden was behind it needs scientific proof. The 9/11 Truth Movement consists of individuals who are asking for that proof and not getting it. Chomsky has turned the burden of proof around.

          • Deyan says:

            There is proof. Read all 500 pages of the NIST report. It makes sense. It even goes into detail behind the hijackers and their planning, and how they almost got caught. That’s the more interesting part about 9/11, it’s how these guys planned it out.

          • Ian Fantom says:

            Peer reviewed?! Even the authors themselves discredited it. They even avoided mentioning Building 7. See what the various experts say at nn n

          • Deyan says:

            Thanks for obscure links which I won’t bother to check out, since they are swimming in an aura of bias.

          • polfilmblog says:

            Nist’s “500 pages” (is this proof by page count?) are more noteworthy for what they leave out. The reports have been criticized at length for their unscientific leaps of logic, a product of a government guided “study” rigged to come to the preordained conclusion.

          • Deyan says:

            “more noteworthy for what they leave out…. unscientific leaps of logic”nnCan you cite an example specifically from the NIST report?

          • polfilmblog says:

            Talk to the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth. nn

          • Deyan says:

            Fantastic. Another example of how when I ask a truther a simple question, they want me to do their homework for them.

          • polfilmblog says:

            I think you have it quite backwards, son. I’m not doing your homework for you. I actually have a life. If you can read, you may be able to figure out a few things. If not, then oh well. Either way, it’s of no concern to me.

          • skepticR says:

            That’s it? Your “authority” is a tiny fringe group made up mostly of people who have worked in chemical or electrical engineering but who have ZERO experience in CIVIL or STRUCTURAL engineering? You do realize the difference don’t you? And you do realize this group has been THOROUGHLY discredited by EXPERTS in the RELEVANT fields do you not? If you truly insist on trying to foist this canard on people who actually understand construction you are aware they will only laugh at you right?

          • polfilmblog says:

            Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, notably, have created, aided and abetted the Al Qaeda movement for a couple of decades. These are allies of the US playing both sides. People at the top of the US chain of command know this quite well and use the Al Qaeda brigades in covert wars, chuckling gleefully as they blow up Russians in Afghanistan and Chechnya, destroy Yugoslavia Libya and now Syria.nnnOsama bin Laden may have some connection to the attacks (never shown), but that in no way exonerates the Saudi government nor the Pakistani intelligence, nor our own dark forces who exist in the bowels of CIA and block warnings from reaching FBI agents even when the terrorists are known to have US multi-entry passports and are known to be here on US soil.nnThe 9/11 attacks stink to high heavens, and only a dishonest propagandist would ignore the massive cover up and known warnings and irregularities surrounding this event.

          • Ian Fantom says:

            Indeed. But it would have been far more difficult for Osama bin Laden to keep such an operation quiet than for the CIA. Furthermore, the CIA has a long history of such attacks on a lesser scale. Look up NATO’s Operation Gladio – in particular the BBC’s Timewatch series in 1992, and books by Daniele Ganser and Richard Cottrell. It looks as if Gladio has spread to the Middle East.nnnI’m just doing a write-up on Chomsky for my newsletter. Send me an email: first name (at) second name (dot) co (dot) uk.

          • polfilmblog says:

            I don’t think it was “kept quiet” as we talk about it extensively today, and Bob Graham talks about the “support network” of Saudi government officials. This is where the evidence leads. nn

  • Curt Freeman says:

    I never dreamed that Noam Chomsky would let me down insofar as his statements being, in this case, sophomoric. I submit this opinion humbly. Case in point: NC “has no opinion”, yet he goes on to express his opinion, and meanwhile manages to insinuate that the mainstream media have indeed covered 9/11 with journalistic integrity. He also quite offhandedly not only insinuates but says outright in so many words that people who disagree with the NIST report are “conspiracy theorists”, and that those within Architects & Engineers For 9/11 Truth” aren’t QUALIFIED to speak to the matter! Are you kidding? These men and women have so much to lose professionally, and are only asking for a new investigation. I’ve always considered Chomsky to be among the most articulate, erudite persons of our times…in this case, one can only assume that he was having an off night.

    • Deyan says:

      You do realize that the thousands of members of Architects & Engineers For 9/11 Truth aren’t actual civil engineers? Many of them are students and pretty much have nothing to do with civil engineering. I mean, how easy is it to join this group without any kind of credentials? I see water technicians and landscape architects signing up for that group, both are fields that have nothing to do with construction of a high-rise building.

      • Curt Freeman says:

        I realize that indeed, Deyan, if you’re including people who’ve Liked the Facebook Page as “Members”. I was speaking to Chomsky’s comments directly, and frankly my personal disappointment in them. But to speak to your comment, in the Film “Explosive Evidence: The Experts Speak Out” (produced by A&E For 9/11 Truth”, those persons who are recognized as experts in the field, in nearly every case, actually articulate their professional credentials as well as their experience in Civil Engineering et al. Your argument that persons outside the engineering field agree with the highly qualified experts within in it is weak at best. There are those turdsicles who have exploited the event for reasons both lurid and morbid—even commercial—but if you’ll watch the film, you’ll see people who have a qualified opinion, and a hell of a lot to lose by stating it.

  • Gnome says:

    Everything Chomsky is saying about Architects and Engineers, you could say about the govt. story as well. No analyst from the Govt. ever published their findings about 9/11 in a scientific journal so other scientists could evaluate it. No! It was fast, fast, fast. They had their conclusions by the end of the day on 9/11. And there’s been no turning back. George Bush even said, “Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists.” Very scientific!

    Did this guy’s theory ever get any scientific review?

  • Seth Stauffer says:

    The point Chomsky is making is that the conspiracy theorists are making rhetorical arguments, rather than offering up their evidence to the wider academic/scientific to develop credibility for their arguments.

  • Gnome says:

    The point you should take away from this is that science is useless against politics. Science is too slow and deliberate. Politics isn’t under the same constraints. It can run on pure emotion. That’s why govt. can offer explanations like, “They hate us for our freedom!” (Honestly, do we need to have someone publish a paper challenging this view in a peer-reviewed sociology journal? Or can we all just agree that it’s bull?)nnThe horror is that politics is in charge of the war machine. So the emotional perspective that politicians play toward isn’t just academically frustrating…it justifies war and destruction. Basically, science is too slow and ill-equipped to debunk the nonsense fast enough to prevent anything at all. Quit turning to it to solve these issues.

  • polfilmblog says:

    Chomsky knows zero about 9/11 and has pointedly refused to look at evidence since that day. If you want to know what someone who has seen the intelligence and knows what they’re talking about, read Senator Bob Graham’s call to “Reopen the 9/11 Investigation Immediately,” exactly what he’s been saying for 12 years:nn Chomsky is a misleader who argues in generalities. He doesn’t actually know anything specific about the issue, nor does he want to. His arguments are baseless in the face of actual evidence (such as Senator Graham’s and 2000 Architects and Engineers).

      • polfilmblog says:

        Non-sequiturs are indeed “BS.” Your cherry picking website says nothing whatsoever about the Saudis aiding the hijackers. Nothing about Omar Bayoumi, the Florida cell, the FBI intelligence and the cover up that continues to this day. If you had integrity you’d acknowledge the cover up, the stuff they refuse to show. That would be honest step one, the starting square.

        • skepticR says:

          You are a fucking idiot! Do you also believe in the Illuminatti?

          • polfilmblog says:

            Are there moderators here, or does anything go? nnSkepticR, I don’t feel the need to respond to morons of your caliber. You can’t disprove a single point I’ve made, and you never will.

          • polfilmblog says:

            Are there moderators here, or does anything go? nnSkepticR, I don’t feel the need to respond to morons of your caliber. You can’t disprove a single point I’ve made, and you never will.

          • skepticR says:

            Yep you’re an idiot

          • polfilmblog says:

            Let’s basknin the genius of “SkepticR” who managed to turn on a computer andnpost a hyperlink to a website without regard for specific questions addressed.nHis brilliance assumes that all questions are answered by referencing anwebsite, although he fails to understand what the specific points evennaddress. His reliance on ad hominemninsults like “idiot” require as little thought and logicalnconsistency, but since he placed the word “skeptic” in his cowardlynanonymous screenname, we should assume him to be skeptical, whether or not henevinces any cursory understanding of the word.nn nnOthernskeptics may remain skeptical of a government shown covering up massive amountsnof relevant intelligence and basing their reports of the 9/11 attacks on thentortured testimony of prisoners beyond the reach of investigators. People might remain skeptical of a reportnthat a prominent Senator, Max Cleland, resigned from while citing the WarrennCommission as its model. Said Cleland:n”Iu2019m not going to be part of looking at information only partially. Iu2019mnnot going to be part of just coming to quick conclusions. Iu2019m not going to benpart of political pressure to do this or not do that.”nn nnOthernskeptics note that Kean and Hamilton both agreed that the Commission itself wasn”set up to fail,” by those types of “political pressures”nreferenced by Cleland. Staffers werenfired by Bush crony Phillip Zelikow, who pulled the strings behind the scenes,nfor the crime of getting a copy of those 28 redacted pages, which SenatornGraham co-wrote and talk about Saudi state links to the hijackers.nn nnSkepticR,nhowever, knows how to post an irrelevant hyperlink, being a superior thinkernwho requires no evidence of his logic skills, which surely must exist,nevidenced by his blind arrogant cockiness. nFor blind, arrogant cockiness is a sure sign of truth and understandingnin today’s world. Ask Bill O’Reilly ornSean Hannity, Rush or Glenn. SomedaynSkepticR might even post something sort of relevant. We can but wait for those glorious neurons ofnhis to spark.

  • polfilmblog says:

    Chomsky the Liar:nn

    • Edward Caldwell says:

      There are a lot of people that think Chomsky walks on water or a silver cloud. They don’t know how much they can be duped by this type of chameleon. They like to let an “expert” think for them.

  • Edward Caldwell says:

    “Unless they are total lunatics…”, well yes Noam, they are. They are called psychopaths.

  • Dr A R Bordon says:

    In the black ops world – all well known that Cheney oversaw the operation. Now watch and listen to this man who I worked with closely at Pine Gap station down under

  • Science Guy says:

    Chomsky’s not schooling anyone. Published April, 2009, in The Open Chemical Physics Journal:

  • Emile says:

    So…. how do we know Chomsky is lying?

  • Dedonarrival says:

    Consider the motive of the perpetrators of 911 whatever, it would inevitably result in worldwide sympathy for America not something they would want.
    After all that planning, expense, incredible luck, martyred heroes, and the execution of the most dynamic terrorist attack in the history of the world you would expect the author of such a stupendous project to shrug off his modesty put his hands up and get into the history books. The man accused insists he did not do it and the FBI most wanted site agrees with him.
    Note Hitler is still the darling of the Discovery Channel, not a mention about 911, Where are the books and documentaries describing in detail how the perps did it Do you know WTC7 has been rebuilt?
    When ole Chomsky ( who is we may suspect under some threat) states essentially that we should not question authority on this 911 occasion then we have to remember that he, as a linguist, has been questioning western foreign policy for decades and inspiring many to do the same yet I suspect he does not hold the necessary piece of paper for him to unquestioningly do this.
    The core of this vile conspiracy is the controlled media “serving” a semi- illiterate society. And the last book you read was? do you qualify as one of the3% book reading American public?

  • psikeyhackr says:

    The 9/11 Affair has presented this society with a serious problem of credibility and integrity. Chomsky tries to tell us what the proper scientific methodology for this problem is. So there is a HUGE Cultural problem if he is wrong.

    Interestingly the Twin Towers were among the first buildings designed with the help of a computer, an IBM 1620. But now computers can supposedly simulate the Earth’s climate 100 years in the future. So why can’t they simulate the collapse of the north tower? But how can that be done without knowing the distributions of steel and concrete down the towers. Te 10,000 page NIST report does not even specify the total amount of concrete.

    Another funny thing is that Retard Gage and his cronies do not bring up that issue either. It seems we have an infinite debate that is not really trying to solve the problem, but bore everyone into forgetting the issue. When does anyone talk about the center of mass of the tilted top portion of the south tower? Is that too “scientifically” complicated for Chomsky to wonder about?

    The nation that put men on the Moon can’t tell everyone the tons of steel and tons of concrete on every level of buildings designed before the Moon landing.

    Very “Scientific”!

  • Bob Hannan says:


    I can’t wrap my head around those who either refuse to view the vid of WTC7
    free-falling or see it and stil don’t get it.
    simple physics.

  • Eddie k says:

    Jet fuel can not melt
    Steel you can see it pouring out the building if you can explain what coused that effect i,ll eat my hat

  • Francis Battaglia says:

    Three buildings suddenly collapsed completely, all under 12 seconds, through the path of greatest resistance, after getting hit by two planes. The videos are compelling.

    Short videos of the building collapses:

    The officially explanation (NIST) decribes the Twin Towers collapsing at “essentially free fall”, and Building 7 at free fall for over 100 feet. Chomsky and everyone knows high school physics. Steel-framed buildings do not suddenly collapse in freefall without all resistance being removed (except the resistance of air itself) with explosives.

    The TSA will check your family’s underwear for explosives at the airport, but still won’t bother to test for explosives in the WTC dust. The USGS and other independent groups all found evidence of thermite in the dust, and even published one of those peer-reviewed articles Chomsky supported.

  • Johannes says:

    From “Debunking 9/11 dot com”

    Structure Magazine explains one probable cause of the WTC 7 collapse. “Single Point of Failure: How the Loss of One Column May Have Led to the Collapse of WTC 7”

    “Probable Cause” – In whose opinion , the government ?

    “May have led to” – May It ? – Not very scientific , if I may say so.

  • Mike says:

    What kills me is you mention a few fringe theories that possibly could have been a missinformation campaign by the government to smear conspiracy theorists or they could have be some radical conspiracy theorists on the internet so with 9/11 is just like racism you stereo type the worst of the race and completely ignore the overwhelming solid and concrete hard facts that have been claimed to be disproved but haven’t til this day. Chomsky knows it apparently from some of his email exchanges which he is interested in the conspiracy just not in public just to save face. Lets get something straight you can call a person whatever name you want but you are not going to change the law of gravity and physics.

  • Chloe7 says:

    Well, who knows! From all the shenanigans in high places, how can we be sure they didn’t “get” to him. When your family etc are threatened, what are you to do. So soften the speach to go either way.

  • Curt says:

    One of only a few times I’d dare to question Chomsky, let alone contradict him. I’m thinking he was just having an off day. His argument is facile, and beneath him.

  • Alex Bunardzic says:

    I’m very disappointed by sheer, almost absolute level of dogmatism exhibited by Chomsky in the above video clip. As any dogmatics since the beginning of time, Chomsky keeps insisting on the cut-and-dry methodology, ritual and ceremony regarding how are things done the ‘proper’ way. Disregarding any empirical evidence, he is sticking out his scholastic, rigid way of approaching any problem, and is telling everyone else in the world to merely ‘talk to the hand’. Despicable and idiotic stance, something he should be ashamed of.

  • Joe Giambrone says:

    Noam Chomsky doesn’t “SCHOOL” anyone. Those who clapped at his blatant speculation and logical fallacies, non-sequiturs, need to go back to school.

    Chomsky misleads you people who are too lazy to do actual research. He is lying.

    Noam Chomsky and The War on Straight Answers

  • Killuminati says:

    skepticR Youz one son of a bitch! Trolling, spreading misinformation, you’re clearly on a payroll, spewing arrogance, pretending as if you invented physics… Do tell me in your own words, how Newton’s 3rd law was violated by the collapse, without sending me to a governmental link. Bend over and let uncle sam put it in! Punk ass bitch!

  • Ironman says:

    None of the three WTC buildings fell at free fall speed.
    WTCs 1&2 are shown clearly with debris and dust falling out and down falling faster than the upper section of the building. Large sections of the exterior wall are seen falling past the main section and hitting the ground in free fall.
    Like all uninformed conspiracy proponents with almost no understanding, they grab onto terms, like; inside job, free-fall, controlled-demolition, nano-thermite, and dozens more.
    If WTC1 could fall, so could WTC 2. WTC2 struck lower, with more weight above the damaged section failed sooner.
    skepticR is correct, you understand nothing about ohysics or Newton’s laws.
    The,upper 13% as you state did not crush the bottom 87%. It caused one or several damaged floors of the building to fail, NONsymetrically, which fell on the next floor causing it to fail. That caused the next floor to fail, which caused the next floor to fail.
    Your abject ignorance purports that 13% of the building, millions of lbs, should only fall through the next 13% of the building, and suddenly stop.
    Now that would defy,physics. Engineers have said, the upper section would need fall only 20 inches to create enough energy to cause the floors below to fail.
    Each floor was just over 12 feet high.

  • Bryan Lynch says:

    the debunking 911 site is not as scientific as would have us believe skepticR. If anything, it’s as weak as the so-called conspiracy theories.

    skepticR you have NO business telling ANYBODY what they can and can’t say, no matter how ridiculous you think it may be.

    That is called censorship – what happened to one’s freedom of speech?

    P.S. capitalising is very rude :)

  • Ken Cabeen says:

    You don’t need to go off and study for years. You need your own eyes, critical thinking, and a basic level understanding of first semester physics to know there’s no way, particularly in the case of WTC 7, those buildings came down symmetically at or very near the acceleration of gravity without the resistance underneath being removed by explosives. And then of course, there’s that pesky 2009 paper by Harrit et al that shows unreacted nanothermite in the WTC dust. Please, stop being flat-earthers, you gravity-driven, progressive collapse proponents.

  • Ken Cabeen says:

    Please see “The Physics of 9/11” by David Chander, on YouTube. WTC fell at 9.8m/sec^2 for nearly 2.5 seconds in classic, controlled demolition fashion. He even turns the two NIST scientists at a public briefing into stuttering chimps before they are forced to admit this. The only possible explanation for this is the complete, symmetrical, perfectly timed, and complete removal of the supporting columns, by explosives, beneath the measured roof line. It’s just impossible for the failure of column 79 to have initiated this. Wake up, people. Chomsky is a 9/11 Gatekeeper, which is so ironic, since that event served as the pretext for the wars that he and other Gatekeepers of the left rail against.

  • Btc says:

    All I know is that this mental giant, whom you all worship, voted for Hillary Clinton….So he can’t be that f#*king bright!

  • Zeppelin says: Oops…Looks like Norm is a lot smarter than he is honest!

  • Giancana says:

    The fact that after 16 years, this “debate” carries on is a testament to the emotionally infantile nature of many Americans, who despite the obvious continue to stand by what is arguably the most evil, corrupt and ruthless empire to ever exist.

    Whoever woke up on September 12, 2001 still believing that some guy on a dialysis machine in a cave thousands of miles away orchestrated this transparent, yet unprecedented geo-political ploy is nothing but a mindless cheerleader for a reality, which barely touches beyond a life of working to make mortgages payments, have Sunday barbecues and buy football jerseys.

    Noam, for his part, is a pseudo-intellectual who is too compromised to venture anywhere near what really happened on that day.

  • JSerin says:

    Please see the debate between Chomsky and Michele Foucault. It should be obvious who the intellectual was, Foucault.

    Anyways, 15 years later and still no answer for

    1. Top lighter (even with plane) 1/3 destroys more massive and undamaged 2/3 with no measurable declaration of the roof line (i.e. it’s kenetc energy never materialized into work done-as in destroying what was below)

    2. Video of and witnesses of molten steel pouring out the side of 1 and 2. Also, last fire at ground zero put out on 3/2002. (And no, it was no molten aluminum or organics melted with aluminum, see actual experiments)

    3. Video of and witnesses describing explosions. A couple even seen explosions in WTC 7 (Barry Jennings)

    4. 41 % of victims still unidentified. Google it, it was covered by CNN, new york times, etc. Not even a fragment large enough to extract DNA from has been found for the 41%. In one case, 200 fragents found for a single victim. Gravitational collapse sure does not explain this.

    5. PEER-REVIEWED (duh chomsky, you idiot) journals have been written over the un-ignighted nano-termite chips along with iron rich spheres. Jones, Hewitt

    6. Are you freaking kidding me, WTC 7, a building that would be tallest in 32 states, fell at free fall for over 100 feet, 6.7 seconds total, into its own foot print even though no plane hit it, and no fire has ever collapsed a building. If you watch the video, and you do not start having questions, well then, there is no help for you. Poor soul you.

  • DrRiz says:

    Did you see how Grenfell Tower in London fell at near free fall speed after the inferno that engulfed nearly the whole building and raged for hours??

    No – neither did I.

    And fires that are pathetically smaller than the fire in Grenfell caused WTC 7 to collapse!? Give me a break!

    Debunkers present no “facts”. They believe the stupidest conspiracy of all – the one about 19 Arab “expert” pilots hijacking 4 flights under the USA “bogie man” on dialysis in a cave!

    Don’t waste your time arguing with CIA stooges.

    911 = Neo-con Pearl Harbour

    Strange how the USA keep attacking all the countries who refuse to support the petrodollar and who reject central banking.

    Open your eyes – read something other than main stream propaganda.

    USA looks a lot like North Korea to me … CIA controlled media or what!?

    Speaking of North Korea – guess which 3 countries still don’t a have Rosthchild controlled central bank? Cuba, North Korea and Iran ….. That list used to include Afghanistan and Iraq – Go figure it out for yourselves.

  • Mein Sohn says:

    Leslie Roberton,Chief Structural Engineer on the twin towers said in lecture at Stanford in 2002 that he saw molten steel. Later ,in a recorded telephone conversation, he denied it.

    911 was a false flag , without a doubt

  • Jerry says:

    George Bushs famous idiot speech standing on the rubble “and the people who knocked down these buildings will hear from us soon. They may have known they had zero proof iraq was involved. Truthers know they had no proof oh wise speaker on video. Still they got Americans fired up for war due to 9/11 because 0% of citizens gave a shit bout weapons of mass destruction and thought we were going because of 9.11 so your reply was idiotic.

    The fact the speaker would not take any more questions on 9/11 spoke volumes because he knew the Bush/Cheney ridiculous story was fixing to resemble swiss cheese and be blitzed with so many facts that the governments bullshit could not deny a single one of them.

    The deep deep cover up beat goes on. Bush. Cheney, CIA and Israel. Bingo that is who is responsible for 9/11 and the entire story can be found on the internet all tied in a bow. I defy anyone to watch that truth and then compare it with uncle sams story of 19 terrorists(8 of who have been proven still alive) with box cutters, magic planes flying 200 mph faster than scientifically impossible, steel structure buildings coming down in 1 hour when other steel framed buildings have burned 24 hours and not 1 in history has ever come down. Yeah, compare an intelligent truth story and sick as it may make you about our government, compare it to the bozo story aka uncle sams pack of lies that moronic as they are seems more like they made it stupid as possible to prove the sheep will believe.

    Truth, if you do not 100% realize Bush Cheney and many others pulled this off, the only explanation is you are either an idiot of huge proportions, too chicken shit to look at the truth, or you simply do not care enough about your country to tear yourself away from your video game, joint or meth pipe.

    By the time you see the truth, lets pray you are not in a wal mart detention center. Wake up you fucking morons!!! Government has to be thinking fuck this is too easy…

    God bless my United States of America. Where the fuck did it go? Given away by a generation of complete and total pussies.

  • Frederick Smith says:

    Jerry, your own words allow the rest of us to know one thing: you aren’t an expert, nor do you have any facts at your disposal and you are acting out of pure emotion. You are entitled to believe what you want, but your arrogance is astonishing.

  • Paul says:

    Ok then, tell us why other equally (maybe more so) qualified experts as your father, disagree with the official narrative regarding the buildings that fell that day ?
    Why should we believe experts that possibly have hidden agendas, but dismiss others experts that clearly don’t ?
    Why did NIST dismiss the numerous witnesses that heard massive explosions before towers fell ? Witnesses that spoke of the result of these explosions before the towers fell ? The molten steel seen flowing by firefighters months after the event.
    Not to mention why the government in the interest of putting this thing to bed, if at least for the peace of mind of the victims families, not released ANY CONCLUSIVE FOOTAGE OF A PLANE HITTING THE PENTAGON ????
    NIST basically has said “we don’t know what happened”
    CHOMSKY is a shill, revealing some hidden truths but not the
    truths needed to have a real impact on the world.

  • Paul says:

    Freddy Smith (yeah sure)
    1) No pentagon footage of plane
    2) expert pilots agree manoeuvre pilot pulled off before hitting pentagon was virtually impossible
    3) Plane looped around and hit part of pentagon that was being renovated
    4) Virtually all of the plane and those onboard disintegrated
    5) shanksvilke crash site, again no evidence of a plane or people ( besides apparent bones fragments)

    6) WTC 1 and WTC 2 both collapsed, NIST have disagreed with all theories put to them trying to explain their collapse, concluding they don’t know what happened.

    7) Only thing NIST didn’t test for, was evidence of a demolition
    8) Numerous witnesses can be seen telling camera operators of explosions before the collapse, telling of people dying and injured as a result, explosions in elevator shafts, stairwells etc.
    8) The facts you say are absent from Jerry’s post, like thousands of structural engineers, architects, physicists, all stating that the evidence is overwhelming of a controlled demolition.
    9) Chomsky is simply wrong, how does he expect any University or scientific journal to prove NIST wrong ?
    University’s and journals aren’t independent, they know better to be involved in the truth, it dangerous to be right, when the government is wrong.
    Smith, you either get your information from the MSM only, and you refuse to look into anything yourself because you can’t stand the thought of possibly being fooled, or you have ulterior motives.
    It irrelevant really, because real critical thinkers look at your post and see the total lack of information supporting the official narrative.
    All the anomalies attributed to 9/11 aren’t all coincidental.
    I weep for the mass epidemic engulfing humanity, numbing stupidity.

  • Colin Doran says:

    The only time I’ve seen Noam Chomsky talk about 9/11 is when people in the 9/11 truth movement ask him what he thinks about 9/11. And he tells them what he thinks. And then they post , and share and link to the video of Noam Chomsky and they say ‘Look Noam Chomsky is a ‘gatekeeper’ , he is trying to cover up the truth! Watch the video of Noam Chomsky trying to dissuade the 9/11 truth seekers’.
    This is like putting a gate in the middle of a field, getting someone to stand beside the gate and as all the people just walk freely past the gate they point to him and call him a gatekeeper who is trying to stop them from crossing the field.
    I weep for the mass epidemic engulfing humanity, numbing stupidity.

  • Anson Chillicothe says:

    This topic perfectly illuminates a few things about humans and their societies that many of us do not realize, or are too afraid to realize.

    Humans have been selectively bred and conditioned for obedience to authority for the last 10,000 years. Stanley Milgram made this perfectly clear when he showed us some of the dangers this fact presents for our world. Couple Milgrams findings with those of Solomon Asch’s conformity experiments and it starts becoming clear why a large part of the population will never be able to question the official orthodoxy regarding this “New Pearl Harbor”. These people simply do not have the mental ability to question those in a perceived position of authority. These people are used to following orders. They are not thinkers.

    We all know September 11, 2001, was an inside/outside job. Cui bono? The axis of kindness. The U.S./Nato, Saudi Arabia and Israel committed 911 so they could escalate their wars in the middle east to redraw the map for greater Israel while securing the oil in the middle east and the minerals in Afghanistan. The military industrial complex needs endless wars to justify their one trillion dollar per year budget and all the power that comes with it.

    The same people who profited from the event are the same people who orchestrated and executed the event. They are also the people who had the tools to make it happen. Fortunately for them they are above the law and will never be held accountable.

    So buy police brutality bonds and pay your victory tax.
    And have lots of babies… Your work will set you free.

  • Faggonzo says:

    You are practically retarded

  • awake says:

    people,people…people .lets just take the words of any great song .i will use one from the legendry the CURE.THE INNOCENCE OF SLEEPING CHILDREN……Stop fighting each other .A people divided is people to fall.Let the children sleep Us awake elders can carry the truth without falling over. Lets be empathetic parents and protect our kids

  • awake says:

    and yes our retarded children to .stop judging our children .you must get there ,and you will ,if you are aspiring to be a caring ,loyal ,loving human. phew…….

  • awake says:

    wes there this much bullying in the school playgrounds of the past ?. NO ,it was there but in my day people still had their given right to be kind. its not a quetion of the right to be negative… its about the ral right not to be. Stay positive my sons and daughters . Dad

  • awake says:

    sorry for the spelling , as an artist i care for flow not correctness .sure the point is given .

  • Nephre says:

    It makes sense that Noam Chomsky would “school a truther on the ‘science’ of making scientific claims.” Look up the word: “casuistry” – this is Chomsky’s “art” – the art of lying with convincing sounding rhetoric. It’s not that Chomsky’s thoughts on politics are wrong. I’ve read all his political books (none of his linguistics). It’s that he turned off his “science” when 911 occurred, pretty much branding himself as a shill for the elites. The science of 911 is not even remotely in question. The buildings fell into their won footprints- WTCs 1 and 2, within 15 seconds and WTC 7 within 7 seconds. This means, without any further consideration that they buildings were dropped by controlled demolition. All the other questions proceed from there: 1. How is that possible? 2. Who had the means to do that? 3. Why was all the evidence taken away before sufficient investigation took place? … and so on. There is no question at all that airplanes could cause those spectacular vaporizings of steel. On that front, the science is also clear. Chomksky, being a smart man, knows this and his only answer to the people who’ve risked lives and reputations in exposing these obvious scientific facts, is to use rhetorical bluster. It does call one to question everything he’s said on politics. I wonder who authorized him to be “American’s Dissident(tm)” … At least it marks a boundary and exposes an obvious liar/fraud.

  • Gordon says:

    Never in the history of the world has a fire caused a building to disappear. If you think it’s possible because some physicist said it was then you’re a fool.

  • Dean says:

    I rarely hear anyone ask the logical question “WHAT HAPPENED TO ALL THE CONTENTS OF THE TOWERS”? How can two 110 storey buildings, with the combined weight of 1-1.5 MILLION TONS, basically turn to dust in 15 seconds or less??? As Dr. Judy Wood asks: “WHERE did the towers go?”

  • Ryan says:

    there was something like 180,000 tons of steel in each building. to imagine that EVERY column (on the corners, framing the elevator shaft, etc) fell simultaneously directly into their ‘footprint’ defies imagination.

    I’m not an engineer.

    Seems obvious that at least one of the columns on the opposite corners of the building would still be standing – perhaps bent, mangled.. but still standing.

  • Joan Clark says:

    Very disappointing. I am/was a devoted fan of his; not so much anymore. There is so much info out there if you look for it, as I just did. It wasn’t “just a handful of scientists or whatever out there”; there were hundreds of testaments. And all were way more believable than what we have been told to believe.

  • Chris Sheridan says:

    I used to admire Noam Chomsky so deeply – but his stance on 9/11 has has revealed how utterly cowardly he really is when it comes to challenging power. He’s dead to me now and always will be. The Truth of 9/11 will come out in spite of apologists like him

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