The Syrian Conflict & The European Refugee Crisis Explained in an Animated Primer

In a quick six minutes, the animation above explains the origins of two very related problems — the Syrian Conflict & the European Refugee Crisis. How did the crisis first erupt? How did it lead to a refugee crisis? And why should we why put xenophobic fears aside and provide refugees with a safe haven in the West? All of these questions get addressed by “Kurzgesagt” (“in a nutshell” in German), whose timely animations you can find on Youtube (including a separate video on the rise of ISIS in Iraq).

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Comments (14)
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  • Domimi says:

    Quite a subjective video. Sorry, but I ain’t putting my ‘xenophobic’ attitude aside. The stigmatisation for islam, and its followers, did not not arise from a thin air. I will always think about the good of our surroundings first and only then help those outside of the EU.

  • Worried EU citizen says:

    Praying five times a day in the direction of Mekka – Saudi Arabia, with their behinds directed at Christian-Liberal Europe. But in the end they all want to flee to the EU. And ‘all’ meaning the refugees of which 80 to 90 % are men in the prime of their lives. In many EU countries we here of violence in the refugee camps, fundamentalists, fights (read: WAR) between different ethnicities, rape, forced prostitution…..
    But there’s a more fundamental problem: around the year 1100 both in the Islamic as well as in the Christian world the fundamental question was asked: what is the true source of knowledge? The islamic world in the person of Al-Ghazali came to the conclusion: there’s only one source of the truth and that’s the quran (and the other ‘holy’ books), i.e. the ‘word of Allah’. Al-Ghazali even said that this Greek idea of ‘causality’ is an illusion.
    In the christian world people came to the conclusion that we can look at God’s creation as well to find the truth so we are not only bound by the teachings of the bible.
    After that in the West we had growth of trade and international contacts, we’ve had a Renaissance, an Enlightment, an Industrial Revolution, scientific revolutians, social revolutions, the atomic age, the space age, the information age, and so on. But in the Islamic world they still cling to the idea that the quran is the only source of truth……. That is going to cause A LOT of troubles in the future; if we let in too many refugees it may possibly throw us back into the Middle Ages!!! WE DON’T WANT THAT!!!

  • UrsaMajor says:

    What a bunch of self-righteous hypocrisy, both in the video and in this comment thread. Most of the problems in the world today are a direct result of first “European,” and then the USA meddling in the affairs of other countries via economic, cyber, and/or military warfare, assassinations, and coups. Don’t want to deal with the “refugee crisis” (which, by the way, didn’t just begin yesterday)? STOP FCUKING WITH THOSE PEOPLE! Leave the fcuking oil in the ground!

  • Kelley says:

    If these Islamic refugees need some place to go, then they should be trying to assimilate into other Islamic countries, not into cultures that they abhor. This is why it’s impossible to trust the sincerity of this entire movement.

  • Worried EU citizen says:

    And why can the West meddle with their affairs? Because the islamic world for the most part is a backward world. If they didn’t have the oil to sell their condition would even be worse. The only thing that I have bought from the Middle East besides oil is figs, dates, olives, olive oil, oranges and so on. They sold that two thousand years ago as well……

  • Jonas says:

    It seems empathy is a rare good these days…

  • Womens rights says:

    Dear Jonas, my sympathie is with the women and girls in the countries that accept refugees. Since the start of the influx of refugees in ‘very empathetic’ Sweden that country is now rape country nr. 2 in the world. Only in Lesotho the rape numbers are higher.
    In IS-lam women and girls are hardly human. And Christian women and girls are’nt even human at all.

  • Adam Faigen says:

    Seriously? What the “civilized” world is failing to realize is: NO ONE CHOOSES WHERE THEY ARE BORN. NO ONE CHOOSES THEIR PARENTS, AND BY EXTENSION: NO ONE CHOOSES THEIR RELIGION. Before I say anything else: I am White. I am American, and I am appalled. Not just at this, not just at the amount of indifferent people, not even at those horrible people all around us (many in this comments section) who are as bad if not worse than the terrorists they’re so afraid of, even Hoping that these innocent PEOPLE (the refugees) all die. There are good and bad from EVERY country, Every religion, Everything! Even each one of us has good and bad traits inside ourselves. WE ALL ARE HUMAN. WE ALL DESERVE THE OPTION TO LEAVE SOMEWHERE WE FEEL IN DANGER AND SEEK REFUGE, NOT TO MENTION LIFE, LIBERTY, AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. #Coexist #Peace

  • Ferrell Varner says:

    Muslims are good people. Islam, however, has brought nothing morally or ethically to the table that wasn’t already there. It did bring a warm sense of family and community, the world wide “umma”. Unfortunately Islam also brought:
    1. Labeling everyone else as an “other”.
    2. Joining church/mosque and state
    3. An endorsement of using violence to solve religious and other questions.
    Religions seem to eventually emulate their founders. Christianity has become more and more inclusive, tolerant and peaceful. To a large extent Islam was, and remains, judgmental, intrusive in all areas of life and violent in religious issues.
    We all hope for a “reformation”

  • Womens rights says:

    Adam, please don’t get to emotional…
    in some countries in the EU the percentage of muslims since WWII has gone up from 0% of the population being muslim to now some 10% being muslim.
    In the US less than 1% of the population is muslim.
    The population of the US now is some 321+ million.
    1% of that is 3.21 million.
    Times 9 is 28.89 million; so in the US there is ‘room’ for that amount of islamic immigrants before you get to the same percentage as the EU.
    So if you, the US, take in all the Syrian refugees….
    Problem solved.

  • Bill W. says:

    While I have sympathy for the plight of the refugees, we also need to keep-in-mind WHY Saudi Arabia and other Islamic countries are not taking refugees…Islam is spread by either the murder or displacement of native populations, which is how Islam conquered North Africa, and the Levant. The House of Saud is hoping the same strategy works for outbreeding Europe’s Christian (and secular) populations, as it did when they conquered southern Europe before being ejected during the Middle Ages when Christian Europeans rose-up and took their continent back.

  • Argl Borps says:

    Just like in Sweden, where after opening the borders for a massive influx of mostly muslim immigrants the rape rate went up 1400% (yep that’s fourteenhundred) over the last 20 years. All smooth sailing!

  • Klaus says:

    If you are buying at the supermarket, drive a car or take public transportation and heat your apartment, then you are dependent on the oil in the ground and you are a big hypocrite! And don’t tell me that you are only using what is absolutely necessary, for your “necessities” are considered extreme luxuries in other parts of the world. Grow up and do your best not to waste resources, but don’t force your misinformed opinion on other people.

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