1950s Batman Cartoon Tells Kids: “Don’t Believe Those Crackpot Lies About People Who Worship Differently”

“Don’t believe those crackpot lies about people who worship differently, or whose skin is of a different color, or whose parents come from another country. Remember our American heritage of freedom and equality!”

Blow the dust off the vintage 1950s Public Service Announcement (PSA) from Batman.

Back during the Eisenhower era, refugees from World War II didn’t exactly get a warm reception in the United States. And so the forces of good, DC Comics, created some PSAs designed to encourage kids to treat new citizens with kindness and understanding. You can see one frame from a larger cartoon above. The makers of Superman cartoon also created their own tolerance poster. Check it out here. And hopefully you’ll help spread the same message today.

via Boing Boing

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Comments (4)
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  • Bill W. says:

    The difference is, in the 50’s, Muslim immigrants weren’t committing acts of terrorism in the U.S. Today, they really are killing people here in horrific ways. It’s one thing to be tolerant, completely another to be naïve and non-vigilant regarding the uncomfortable truth!

  • Randy says:

    “Don’t believe those crackpot lies”

    We aren’t. We’re reading their holiest book. We’re reading their collections of second-tier holy material. We’re listening to their scholars. We’re reading the laws they implement when they achieve power. We’re reading the polls they answer around the globe. And we’re checking the reasons behind the various terrorist attacks done in the name of religion globally.

    Nowhere in there is a “crackpot lie”.

  • LJ says:

    Have to agree, immigrants have committed acts of terrorism against the true Americans… So when are you getting out and giving the native Americans their country back instead of running oil pipelines through their sacred lands? The American settlers were the first terrorists in the country. Plus how would you notice the middle eastern terrorists? I bet they hardly make a dent in the numbers from Americans shooting each other every day.

  • Nancy Zamboni says:

    1. The immigrants are not the terrorists.
    There are many statistics which show that.
    2. It is a mistake to evaluate a religion by picking and choosing passages out of context.
    Even when members of a religion do that they may not represent the mainstream living faith and tradition.

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