A Short Anti-LSD Horror Film Made by the Lockheed Corporation (1969)

During the late 1960s, the defense contractor Lockheed Corporation took a strange detour into filmmaking and sponsored a series of short films, each examining the perils of a particular hardcore drug. Above, you can watch “Case Study: LSD,” a three-minute short documenting a young woman’s acid trip. Everything seems pretty groovy, until the 18-year-old protagonist goes to eat a hot dog. That’s when things go horribly wrong: the hot dog springs to life, claims it has a wife and seven kids to support, and screams bloody murder as it gets mercilessly ingested. A horror film, if I’ve ever seen one.

You can watch the three other short films in the series here: Case Study: Heroin, Case Study: Amphetamines, and Case Study: Barbiturates.

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Comments (6)
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  • Omar Gonzalez says:

    I’ve seen this little film before. I think it”s a little masterpiece. Funny and a bit nostalgic.

  • Omar Gonzalez says:

    I hope to God that bitch was prosecuted for murdering that hot dog.

  • Toad says:

    Sounds to me like they tried to use the actual tales of users, in an attempt to be more realistic than the anti-drug films that were in vogue in junior high school auditoriums back then.

    Good fun, I like it. If she were a little more animated, it would sound like it came from one of those evenings where people fall into exchanging acid war stories. If she told it better, the part about jumping on a hot dog in the street could really be funny, like, “Yeah, I’ve done stuff like that.”

    I don’t know how much acid kids are taking these days, but you do get a bad trip sometimes; that’s part of the deal. The couple that I had were far worse than a screaming hot dog–two bad trips out of over a hundred good ones (we used to count until we lost count..we were young…).

    One of my friends had a friend–but I always believed this story–who had a nightmare trip that involved Mickey Mouse smiling and waving at him everywhere he looked. He couldn’t get away from smiling Mickey Mouse, and it became a problem for several hours. One that I WAS there for, a girl freaked out over spiders that weren’t there, took her what seemed like an hour to get over it, and then I’ll be damned if a spider didn’t crawl up on her. She went bouncing off the walls, and the rest of us hurt ourselves laughing. Bad trips are kind of great once they’re over–you learn a ton from the REALLY bad ones, and you tell stories like the one in this vid about the not quite so bad ones.

    Happy trails.

  • Gerard says:

    “During the late 1960s, the defense contractor Lockheed Corporation took a strange detour into filmmaking and sponsored a series of short films, each examining the perils of a particular hardcore drug. ”

    Not exactly a strange detour, as Lockheed were linked to the CIA, and in particular one man, Sidney Gottlieb. Gottlieb is MKULTRA / LSD but he’s also liason to Lockheed when building the U2 spy plane. It’s not a huge jump to make. The CIA in addition to working with subcontractors like Lockheed also worked with other branches of the government, namely the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) of the Department of Defense and the Office of Naval Intelligence, though it is unclear what role if any Gottlieb played in these affairs other than authorizing them. But LSD, Sandoz Pharmaceuticals, CIA, MKULTRA, LSD, Lockheed and Gottlieb? Not huge jumps.

  • Marshalldoc says:

    It was an animal rights hallucination… “Don’t eat me! I’ve got a wife and 7 little cocktail wieners at home!!”

  • d woo says:

    That’s not a nightmare, that’s called mindfullness. Hotdogs are disgusting and you should never put them in your body. LSD saves another soul.

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