How to “Hijack” Amazon Prime for Good: Short Video Shows How Prime & Other Instant Delivery Services Can Easily Help the Homeless

Today, it’s 18 degrees in New York City, 4 degrees in Chicago, and 13 degrees in Boston. It’s damn cold, especially for the homeless.

Keep this in mind as you watch Rob Bliss’ short video above. In a poignant video, he points out how services offering the immediate delivery of products and services could easily help the homeless. While he uses Amazon Prime as an example, the same idea could be extended to services like DoorDash, GrubHub, and UberEats (which is apparently now outgrowing the taxi business in some cities).

via Swiss Miss

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Comments (5)
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  • Ikke says:

    What a load of BS.
    Use underpaid delivery workers, (who, by lack of decent pay probably are homeless) to “help the homeless”. And thus perpetuating a system that creates homelessness. Do, by all means, help the homeless, but real change comes from solidarity, not from charity.

  • Maddie says:

    Very nice and generous. Great fantastic.

  • Babs says:

    Thank you.
    I watched this thinking “is this really going to be the best way to go about helping homeless people?” and of course there are other ways and wider things that can and should be happening. But you’re doing something. You did something. Which is a whole lot more than most of us actually do, out of ignorance or because homelessness is not something we see (let alone experience) in our daily lives. You did something and “something” is not BS (referencing the above commenter), it is more than nothing. And you made a difference to those people.
    Thank you.

  • tw says:

    Do, by all means, help the homeless, but real change comes from solidarity, not from charity.

    Though this apparently doesn’t qualify as one of the ‘all means’ in the lexicon of of your Olympian philosophy, it is a humane use of the ‘system’, a reaching out.
    Carry on with your idealogical purity.

  • Sophia C Vackimes says:

    A creative way of inspiring others to reach out. Thanks!

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