The New Normal: Spike Jonze Creates a Very Short Film About America’s Complex History with Cannabis

In two short minutes, director Spike Jonze takes you from the hemp farms of George Washington to Reefer Madness and America’s long, costly prohibition against cannabis–a prohibition that’s now getting dismantled state by state. Narrated by actor Jesse Williams, the short was made for MedMen, an American publicly traded company that provides “a wide range of … high quality cannabis products.” Welcome to the new normal….

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Comments (3)
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  • Jaime N Mount says:

    Is this not propaganda in a sense? So, it’s funded by a group who makes money off of selling it, and it doesn’t even address all of the actual facts about it’s use. Just that it’s “amazing”. Not what I have witnessed first hand from it’s use and over-use. NO thank you. How about unbiased discussion and looking at the studies that are now coming out regarding it’s use. Sure, it shouldn’t be illegal, but it’s been abused greatly in our country for decades and it’s properties are mentally addicting. I’m just not into and frankly appalled at the push for it to be big business. There are a hundred much safer and better herbal solutions for pain and wellness that I can think of. Why not promote them? I’m personally highly allergic to the plant itself so I’ve been getting extremely sick being in public with it being smoked everywhere (which is still illegal to do but I guess if you can’t stop to be considerate to others and not smoke it everywhere then you’re an addict eh?). I just wish people would be more considerate about their use and not also throw cbd oil in everything as well as there are serious allergies to those things, it’s not for everyone and it should be a choice, not forced upon you.

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