Discovering Sherlock Holmes

When Sir Arthur Conan Doyle first conceived of Sherlock Holmes in 1887, he probably didn’t anticipate that the “consulting detective” would become the world’s favorite fictional investigative logician and eventually infiltrate everything from academic curricula to Hollywood. Just last year, the BBC produced a fantastic three-part modernization of the classic, which according to many critics eclipsed Guy Ritchie’s effects-driven blockbuster of the same name, released several months earlier.

So massive and wide-reaching is the cult of Holmes that Stanford dedicated an entire project to the study of Sherlock Holmes. Discovering Sherlock Holmes features 12 of the greatest stories of the Sherlock Holmes canon from The Strand Magazine, where Sherlock first made his appearance, downloadable as free annotated, illustrated PDF’s. A historical essay on Holmes’ epoch contextualizes the stories and features rare vintage artwork by Sidney Paget, the original Sherlock illustrator.

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Free eBooks for Your PC, iPhone, Kindle & Beyond

Today, we’re rolling out a sizable collection of Free eBooks, most of them classics, that features major works written by James Joyce, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Jane Austen, Nietzsche and others. (We have even thrown in a little Paulo Coelho.) You’ll find 100+ free ebooks in total, and you can download the texts to your computer, smart phone (iPhone, Android, etc.) or Kindle, depending on the format you choose.  Our eBooks Primer overviews the different download options, so please give it a quick read over. Below, we’ve posted a quick sample from the new collection (plus a link to the entire list of Free eBooks). Feel free to offer feedback and share the list with friends. Down the road, you can always find this collection in the top navigation bar. Just looks for eBooks.

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