Aftermath of the Tsunami in Japan

It was one week ago that a powerful 9.0 magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of northern Japan. The tsunami that followed, with waves reaching as high as ten meters, swept as far as ten miles inward. In this video shot for The Guardian, we see the haunting devastation in Shintona, a small town in the Miyagi prefecture (one of the areas worst affected by the tsunami). Amidst the wreckage on the streets, it is quite stirring to peer inside some of the washed-out houses, where we observe broken china and damaged photographs, reminding us how life can be so profoundly and personally interrupted by nature’s fury.

The Guardian article accompanying this video can be read here. For more videos and resources related to the earthquake in Japan, including ways you can help, see this post.

Eugene Buchko is a blogger and photographer living in Atlanta, GA. He maintains a photoblog, Erudite Expressions, and writes about what he reads on his reading blog.

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