101 Early Wallace Stevens Poems on Free Audio

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Here’s a quick little find for the poetry lover: A slew of early poems by Wallace Stevens, the great American poet, can now be downloaded as podcasts (iTunes). They include many classics — Anecdote of the Jar, The Emperor of Ice Cream, Peter Quince at the Clavier, Sunday Morning, Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird, and many others.


The Podcast Library

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100s of cultural and educational podcasts. Email a friend about Open


Einstein’s E = mc2 Explained

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E = mc2. It’s hands-down the most well known equation out there. But how many have the faintest idea what the equation really means? Not too long ago, PBS’ NOVA put together a “docudrama,” called Einstein’s Big Idea, which took a close look at how Einstein arrived at the equation and what it means.


The Big Picture: Who Won and Lost in Iraq

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Open Source, an always insightful public radio program, aired last week a show that took a broad look at the winners and losers of the Iraq war.


Stanford Online Writing Courses: Now Open for Registration

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Here’s a quick heads up: Starting today, you can
register for online writing courses at Stanford.


The New Yorker Magazine’s Famous Cartoons Now Available on Podcast

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Here’s a different kind of podcast: You can now find on iTunes a new video podcast that features animated versions of The New Yorker’s famous cartoons. A venture called RingTales has apparently been given an exclusive license to animate and distribute The New Yorker’s library of over 70,000 cartoons.


More Free Classical Music Podcasts: Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Wagner and Some Yo-Yo Ma

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We spent some time this weekend overhauling our Arts & Culture Podcast Collection (plus creating a
new Science Podcast Collection), and, along the way, we dug up several good free podcasts for classical music fans.


Science Podcast Collection

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All in the Mind iTunes Feed Web Site

An Australian podcast that explores the mental universe – neuroscience really – and takes a clear look at everything from addiction to artificial intelligence

Astronomy Cast iTunes Feed Web Site

Take a weekly facts-based journey through the cosmos with Astronomy Cast.


College Bans Wikipedia

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A History Department Bans Citing Wikipedia as a Research Source
“…the Middlebury history department notified its students this month that Wikipedia could not be cited in papers or exams, and that students could not “point to Wikipedia or any similar source that may appear in the future to escape the consequences of errors.


University Video Collections

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Note: Please don’t forget to visit our collection of Free Courses, which includes many courses from top universities in video.

Columbia Interactive

A gateway to selected electronic learning resources developed at Columbia University.

Duke University Law School

Webcasts of campus presentations.


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