One Day, One World, United by Film

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In 2006, documentary filmmaker Jehane Noujaim (Control Room) made a wish at the TED conference (see below) — for world peace. For Noujaim, peace starts with cultural exchange, with getting to know one another.


Teaching on YouTube Goes Viral

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Last week, Alexandra Juhasz contributed a guest piece reviewing her experimental efforts to make YouTube an effective teaching tool. And it didn’t take long for the web to take notice. Soon after we posted her review, The Wired Campus (Chronicle of Higher Education) took an angle on the piece.


Self-Regenerating Robots

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The University of Pennsylvania has done it. They’ve created a robot that you can kick apart, and it knows how to reassemble itself. Eerie stuff. Give it a few decades, and these guys (the robots and the students) will be running the show.


The British Slant on the Mac v. PC Ads

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Across the pond, Apple is running a series of ads fashioned after the “Mac v. PC” commercials that have run so successfully in the States. Although the vocabulary and accent are naturally different, the gist of the British ads is essentially the same. Yes, Apple’s schtick translates well, and I’m declaring the third one my favorite.


Body of War: Paralyzed in Iraq and the Long Road Back

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On the American home front, the Iraq war has entered its apathetic phase. The war continues to grind on, but the mission gets far less news ink than before, and the debate over the war’s merits and tactics rarely gets hashed back through.


The Story Behind Ansel Adams’ Famous Yosemite Shots

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The New York Times is running an interactive feature that will give you the backstory behind Ansel Adams’ iconic photos taken at Yosemite National Park. Just click on the individual images on this page, and you’ll get a different story. (Also see the Times’ accompanying piece: What Adams Saw Through His Lens.


Grateful Dead Donates Archive to UC Santa Cruz

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Surviving members of the Grateful Dead announced Thursday that they will be donating their archives to UC Santa Cruz.


Scott Sigler’s Infected: Free via Podcast, $16.47 on Amazon

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Horror/sci-fi fans, here you go… Scott Sigler’s new and very well-reviewed thriller, Infected, can be downloaded for free via podcast (iTunes – Feed – Web site). Or you can get it in hardback for $16.47, which I’m not discouraging you from doing.
With the links above, you can download more free books from Sigler.


Thomas Friedman (While Not Dodging Eco-Pies) Argues “Green is the New Red, White & Blue”

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Speaking at Brown University earlier this week, Thomas Friedman had to deal with some unfortunate extra-curricular activities. As he took the stage, two students calling themselves the “Greenwash Guerillas” launched pies (video here) at Friedman and largely missed. But they did leave behind some pamphlets spelling out their motives.


Lifehack for Learning Foreign Languages

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Here is a quick “lifehack” for you. You can now learn foreign languages and stay current on politics all at once. How so? By taking advantage of a smart podcast concept being used by French and German broadcasters.


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