Stephen King Turns Short Story into a Free Webcomic

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Prior to becoming a household name, Stephen King did time as a high school English teacher and a laborer in an industrial laundry. These days, he could insulate his lovely Victorian home with crisp hundreds if such were his whim.


Great Courses on Sale (for One Day) at Teaching Company

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Worth a quick fyi. The Teaching Company just introduced a new way to access their courses – Video Downloads. And now, for one day, you can download these video courses at a steep discount.


Criterion Films 50% Off

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Not a bad deal. Right now, Barnes and Noble is running a big sale on films in the Criterion Collection.


Good “Reads” On Audible (with Freebie Possibilities)

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A quick note: Audible has recently launched a series called the Audible Modern Vanguard (more details here) that brings groundbreaking works and authors into unabridged audio for the first time. Here, you’ll find works by Paul Auster (one of my faves), Saul Bellow, John Cheever, John Irving, Kurt Vonnegut, and William Kennedy.