The Dalai Lama’s Introduction to Buddhism

When the Dalai Lama paid a vis­it to Emory Uni­ver­si­ty, he offered an intro­duc­to­ry lec­ture to Tibetan Bud­dhism. The lec­ture is not exact­ly what you’d nor­mal­ly get in the uni­ver­si­ty class­room. The talk is not entire­ly lin­ear. And he spends some time speak­ing in Eng­lish, then speaks in his native tongue (with the help of an inter­preter). But, he can talk about Bud­dhism with the author­i­ty that few authors can, and there’s a rea­son audi­ences come to see him in droves. Things real­ly get going about 23 min­utes in.

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Comments (6)
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  • Has God known the for­mu­la: E=Mc^2 ?
    If God has known the for­mu­la why HE / SHE /IT
    did­n’t write it in His Bible?

    If I were God, I would give chance to Human
    to under­stand who I am by ana­lyz­ing the Phys­i­cal
    for­mu­las, equa­tions and laws. Because I need them
    to cre­ate Every­thing. So, log­i­cal­ly (!) , catch­ing the thread
    of the physics Human can under­stand Me and My Work

    Where is here the place for Bud­dhism teach­ing ?
    The Bud­dha teach us the Prac­ti­cal (!) way to God,
    the Prac­ti­cal path of sal­va­tion through Med­i­ta­tion,
    through under­stand­ing the Ulti­mate Nature of Real­i­ty
    ============== .
    “ To be sure, the doc­trine of a per­son­al God inter­fer­ing with
    nat­ur­al events could nev­er be refut­ed, in the real sense, by sci­ence,
    for this doc­trine can always take refuge in those domains in which
    sci­en­tif­ic knowl­edge has not yet been able to set foot.”

    / Albert Ein­stein. The man and his the­o­ry.
    A pro­file in sci­ence.
    By Hilaire Cuny.
    Part: A few of Albert Einstein’s opin­ions. Page 162./
    Best wish­es.
    Israel Sadovnik. / Socra­tus.
    ================== . .

  • socratus says:

    Albert Ein­stein Quotes on Phi­los­o­phy of Reli­gion, The­ol­o­gy, God.
    The reli­gion of the future will be a cos­mic reli­gion.
    It should tran­scend per­son­al God and avoid dog­ma and the­ol­o­gy.
    Cov­er­ing both the nat­ur­al and the spir­i­tu­al, it should be based on a reli­gious
    sense aris­ing from the expe­ri­ence of all things nat­ur­al and spir­i­tu­al as a
    mean­ing­ful uni­ty. Bud­dhism answers this descrip­tion. If there is any reli­gion
    that could cope with mod­ern sci­en­tif­ic needs it would be Bud­dhism.
    (Albert Ein­stein)

  • socratus says:

    What is the mate­r­i­al basis of Quan­tum Con­scious­ness ?

    Will Physics explain Con­scious­ness?
    Our brain works on dual­is­tic basis:
    usu­al­ly con­scious­ness (log­i­cal­ly) and rarely uncon­scious­ness
    ( at first it seems illog­i­cal­ly but at last it shows as very wise act)
    In his last auto­bi­o­graph­ic arti­cle, Ein­stein wrote:
    ” … the dis­cov­ery is not the mat­ter of log­i­cal thought,
    even if the final prod­uct is con­nect­ed with the log­i­cal form”.
    In book ‘ The Holo­graph­ic Uni­verse’ Michael Tal­bot
    on page 160 explained this sit­u­a­tion in such way:
    ‘ Con­trary to what every­one knows it is so, it may not be
    the brain that pro­duce con­scious­ness, but rather con­scious­ness
    that cre­ates the appear­ance of the brain ’
    In our ter­res­tri­al world the Infor­ma­tion ( some basis of Con­scious­ness)
    can be trans­fer to you only by Elec­tro­mag­net­ic waves.
    Lorentz proved: there aren’t Elec­tro­mag­net­ic waves with­out Elec­tron.
    There­fore I say,
    only Elec­tron can be the Quan­tum of Information/ Con­scious­ness.
    We don’t have any oth­er the­o­ry of Information’s trans­fers.
    We know the Elec­tron is very impor­tant par­ti­cle in our live.
    It acts in Maxwell’s elec­tro­dy­nam­ics.
    It acts in the atom.
    But how Elec­tron acts in cell and in Out­er space we don’t know.
    We need time to under­stand this fact.
    And when we under­stand the Vac­u­um and Elec­tron
    we will know the Ulti­mate Nature of Real­i­ty, it means we
    will know the mate­r­i­al basis of Quan­tum Con­scious­ness too.
    Planck and Ein­stein found the ener­gy of elec­tron: E=h*f.
    Som­mer­feld found the for­mu­la of elec­tron : e^2=ah*c,
    it means: e= +ah*c and e= ‑ah*c.
    Dirac found two more for­mu­las of electron’s ener­gy:
    +E=Mc^2 and ‑E=Mc^2.
    Why does elec­tron heed five ( 5 ) for­mu­las?
    Now nobody knows what the Vac­u­um and Elec­tron are.
    ” The prob­lem of the exact descrip­tion of vac­u­um, in my opin­ion,
    is the basic prob­lem now before physics. Real­ly, if you can’t cor­rect­ly
    describe the vac­u­um, how it is pos­si­ble to expect a cor­rect descrip­tion
    of some­thing more com­plex? ”
    / Paul Dirac /
    You know, it would be suf­fi­cient to real­ly under­stand the elec­tron.
    / Albert Ein­stein /
    Tell me what an elec­tron is and I’ll then tell you every­thing.
    / Some­body /
    More details.

    “… indeed an under­stand­ing of psi phe­nom­e­na and of
    con­scious­ness must pro­vide the basis of an improved
    under­stand­ing of quan­tum mechan­ics.”
    /Evan Walk­er /
    In my opin­ion it means that to answer to the ques­tion
    ‘ where the con­scious­ness come from?’
    we must under­stand not only the brain but elec­tron too.
    Once again.
    Human brain works on two lev­els:
    con­scious­ness and sub­con­scious­ness. The neu­rons of brain
    cre­ate these two lev­els. So, that it means con­scious­ness and
    sub­con­scious­ness from phys­i­cal point of view ( inter­ac­tion
    between bil­lions and bil­lions neu­rons ). It can only mean
    that the state of neu­rons in these two sit­u­a­tions is dif­fer­ent.
    How can we under­stand these dif­fer­ent states of neu­rons?
    How does the brain gen­er­ate con­scious­ness?
    We can under­stand this sit­u­a­tion only on the quan­tum lev­el,
    only using Quan­tum the­o­ry. But there isn’t QT with­out
    Quan­tum of Light and Elec­tron. So, what is inter­ac­tion between
    Quan­tum of Light, Elec­tron and brain ?
    There­fore I say: we must under­stand not only the brain but elec­tron too.
    Accord­ing to Pauli Exclu­sion Prin­ci­ple
    only one sin­gle elec­tron can be in the atom.
    If the atom con­tains more than one elec­tron
    (for exam­ple — two), this atom rep­re­sents ” Siamese twins”.
    Save us, the Great God, of hav­ing such atoms, such cells.
    And there­fore the human brain has only one Elec­tron.
    Each of us has an Elec­tron, but we do not know it.
    As the ‘Bha­gavad Gita’ says:
    Fools deride Me when I descend in the human form.
    They do not know My tran­scen­den­tal nature and
    My supreme domin­ion over all that be.
    / Chap­ter 9. Text 11./
    ================== .
    Best wish­es
    Israel Sadovnik Socra­tus
    ================== .

  • socratus says:

    The process of con­scious and uncon­scious.
    My layman’s opin­ion.

    There is a pos­si­bil­i­ty of the brain activ­i­ty to have
    the abil­i­ty to switch between con­scious and uncon­scious.
    But this process is sup­pressed by con­tact with the
    cere­bral cor­tex neu­rons (! ) which work in Maxwell’s regime. ( !)
    ( Elec­troen­cephalog­ra­phy shows us the Maxwell’s elec­tri­cal
    activ­i­ty of the brain)
    To cre­ate ‘aware­ness’ hav­ing sens­es and thoughts is impos­si­ble.
    The sens­es and thoughts increase the cere­bral cor­tex neu­rons
    impuls­es ( Maxwell’s EM ener­gy ) and doesn’t give the abil­i­ty
    ( of some­thing ) to switch between con­scious and uncon­scious.
    Maxwell’s elec­tri­cal activ­i­ty of the brain shows the
    ‘nor­mal – not nor­mal log­i­cal ‘ process in the brain.
    To cre­ate ‘awareness/ uncon­scious ’ needs anoth­er
    process – Quan­tum (!). ‘Aware­ness’ is Quan­tum process.
    Very often it is only Quan­tum moment (!) but at this moment,
    at this sec­ond the struc­ture of cere­bral cor­tex neu­rons is changes
    and it means that the thought and behav­iour of per­son changes too.
    And then again the Maxwell’s elec­tri­cal activ­i­ty of the brain takes place.
    ” … the dis­cov­ery is not the mat­ter of log­i­cal thought,
    even if the final prod­uct is con­nect­ed with the log­i­cal form”.
    / Ein­stein /
    Is an ‘awareness/ uncon­scious ’ equal to a ‘dis­cov­ery / enlight­en­ment ‘?
    Best wish­es.
    Israel Sadovnik Socra­tus.

  • socratus says:

    Med­i­ta­tion has noth­ing to do with plea­sure or cul­tur­al frills.
    Med­i­ta­tion is work, hard work, like paving a road,
    or farm­ing land, or build­ing a house.
    Lis­ten to the waves becom­ing par­ti­cles and the par­ti­cles becom­ing waves.
    Per­ceive the ener­gy of the Elec­tron / Quan­tum of Light.
    Can we agree with this way to under­stand the truth?

  • Nate says:

    There is no such thing as rein­car­na­tion or God. Reli­gion is for peo­ple who can­not cope with the thought of death and being buried or turned to ash. Wake up peo­ple!. The Dalai Lama is a fraud, who talks noth­ing but bull­shit. The fact is that when you die your body decom­pos­es. and that’s the end! That’s a fact!. Face facts peo­ple!. Not reli­gious bull­shit. We all DIE!!!. And NO reli­gion will save you from death and the end. Sidartha is dead and gone. You will nev­er see him again!. ALL RELIGION should be banned from civ­i­lized soci­ety. If you dis­agree, than tell me. What about retard­ed peo­ple!. Do they get rein­car­nat­ed?. If a retard­ed Tibetan boy dies. Could he even com­pre­hend the elab­o­rate guid­ance of Bud­dhist monks through the Bar­do. Would he even under­stand what they are say­ing. Pon­der that peo­ple!. And you will real­ize Bud­dhism is bull­shit, like ALL reli­gion. No mat­ter how “peace­ful” it is. It’s all BS!!.

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