Modern Physics: A Free 6-Course Introduction by Stanford’s Leonard Susskind

For the past two years, Stanford has been rolling out a series of courses (collectively called Modern Physics: The Theoretical Minimum) that gives you a baseline knowledge for thinking intelligently about modern physics. The sequence, which moves from Isaac Newton, to Albert Einstein’s work on the general and special theories of relativity, to black holes and string theory, comes out of Stanford’s Continuing Studies program. And the courses are all taught by Leonard Susskind, an important physicist who has engaged in a long running “Black Hole War” with Stephen Hawking. The final course, Statistical Mechanics, has now been posted on YouTube. The rest of the courses can be accessed immediately below. (The courses also appear in our list of Free Online Physics Courses, a subset of our collection, 1,700 Free Online Courses from Top Universities.) Six courses. Roughly 120 hours of content. A comprehensive tour of modern physics. All in video. All free. Beat that.

Modern Physics: The Theoretical Minimum

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  • Gullit says:

    I love those lessons I have physics as a hobby ( which means I really love it ), there is no such beautiful thing as physics ( and mathematics of course ). It really amazes me how those high school teachers can make their students hate math and physics, when i was at high school ( not long ago ) i used to hate math too but when i began to study it by myself i started to see its beauty, now i have a couple of friends at university that love physics too so we hang out about every weekend to talk about physics and math ( ok, you can call me a nerd, i don’t care anymore ). Thanks for pointing out a lot of great material here.

  • aldo says:

    i need a lot of these videos to help me in physics because i have a hard time to remember it in school

  • Anil jayswal says:

    i need a lot of these videos to help me in physics because i have a hard time to remember it in school

  • cherramie says:

    Help me to do a research in modern physics in title Electromagnetic Radiation?

  • William Varenas says:

    These videos are awesome!!! I can not tell you how much I love the lectures and explanations for the core of modern physics!!! Thank you so much for these wonderfull videos-can’t wait for more!!!

    Bill Varenas

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