Bill Gates: Solving the World’s Problems Through Technology

Last week, we showed you a clip of Bill Gates speaking at the recent Techonomy conference in Lake Tahoe. Our comments concentrated on a shorter segment where Gates talks about the coming transformation of education – about how the internet will start displacing the traditional university within five years. That clip figures into a larger talk, now fully available online, called “Reinventing Capitalism: How to Jumpstart What the Marketplace Can’t” (48 minutes). And it puts Gates’ views on education (not to mention his overall philanthropic work) into a larger context. What’s generally on display here is his limitless faith that science and technology can solve the world’s problems. It’s an approach that makes perfect sense for ridding the world of malaria. But it’s potentially a double-edge sword for education. You can watch the full talk above, or view it here. (His full comments on education & technology come around the 21 minute mark, and again later on.) You can also learn more about what Gates is reading, watching and listening to on his website.

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Comments (2)
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  • Jon T says:

    Bill Gates gets airtime for his wealth alone. We would never hear what he says if airtime was judged according to the quality of his predictions.

    He’s a long way off being a successful prognosticator.

  • sickofit says:

    Bill Gates will never solve the world’s problems! He is just another money hungry “man” enjoying the fruits of his endevors. Only GOD can and will solve this worlds problems, and GOD have mercy on those haughty and proud. Pleeeaaaseee don’t ever say Bill Gates will solve the world’s problem he lives in a bubble, and very well protected and insulated from the real world.

  • william says:

    if science is the solution then theoretically you are saying that a monkey with the right science can solve the problems.
    all the science in the universe can not solve the problems ,it is the intelligent use of whatever is available around you that will solve the problems as well as the will to do so.

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