David Hockney’s iPad Art Goes on Display

Famed British artist David Hockney started creating art for the iPhone in 2008, and then for the iPad this year, using nothing but his fingers and this handy Brushes app. Initially, Hockney only shared his digital drawings with a small circle of friends. But now he’s making that circle much larger. Starting in late October, Hockney’s digital finger painting went on display at the Fondation Pierre Berge-Yves Saint Laurent in Paris. The exhibition, entitled Fleurs fraîches (Fresh Flowers), runs until January 30, 2011. Here, Hockney explains the basic thinking behind the exhibition, and here you can sample some of the digital works on display. Just click and scroll down.

Thanks Ian in Brazil for sending this our way…

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Comments (10)
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  • I think Hockney has always been an intellectual and quick to make use of any new tool. I’ve heard people say this is all hype. He is extremely talented in an accessible way. He doesn’t flirt with unfathomable scribbles of the avante guard. Color, form, texture. It’s all there. And it’s all original.
    Belle Yang

  • Naya Santos. says:

    A sutil new vision of space.

  • Cliff says:

    David Hockney says Van Gogh would have had one……hmmmm

    ‘He’d have thrown the damn thing against the wall in frustration at the lousy wi-fi connection in Arles….He certainly wouldn’t show up at an exhibition with a custom made ‘I Pad pocket’. As they say in Mr. Hockney’s native England – He’d have turned up ‘pissed’ on rough as old nails absinthe and told them to all ‘f*** off’”…..more on the Hockney I Pad

  • daisy says:

    do you think its still art?

  • ben c says:

    I have been digital painting for years so this is nothing new to me. It is rather annoying and insulting when you tell people that you paint digitally and you get a kind of dissapointed response from someone and a comment like “Oh, so it’s done by a computer” as if you just press a button and up pops a painting. Computers are tools, they are not capable of creating art on their own, and it requires a knowledge of traditional painting(form,composition,study of light and colour) to produce quality work. Do you think that when humans started using brushes and canvas instead of stone tablets people thought that it was any less valid? So when people say “yes but is it art?” I ask them to have a go on a graphics tablet and see if their stickman drawing will suddenly transform into a Davinci-esque master-piece. It takes years to master any disipline and digital painting is no different.

  • Vivvian says:

    It’s amazing to know this picture was created on the iPad.

  • Harald Weber says:

    I found this way of painting today for the first time and I´m really impressed about the possibilities. I will check it on my iPad for marketing themes as soon as possible.

  • Miley says:

    with only his fingers and the Brushes app? wow, that’s amazing! I really love this picture..

  • minä vain says:

    Quite boring colors on a digi painting there, conservatively trying to mimic oil painting medium. It must be hard to get any kind of decent texture on it. And when the texture is done, it is really “done”, not born naturally out of the materials and paint. For Hockney saying van Goch should have had Ipad, that’s just plain stupidity.

  • Vesna Peko Luketic says:

    if Leonardo DaViinci was alive today he would be using the iPad -It’s fantastic

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