NPR Hip Hop

You never saw this coming, right? A little hip hop for NPR listeners. Adam Cole, a Stanford student, raps it out with Jenna Sullivan. Get the lyrics for “Good Radiation” below the jump…

I’m only gonna say this once so you better take notes
As you listen to the rhythms spinnin’ out of my throat
I’ve got an NPR tat and an NPR tote
If you hate on that …. Just don’t.
Ya see when morning edition starts up I listen
Awake, in my kitchen for every transmission
There’s no competition — There’s nobody hotter
If hosts were magicians they’d be Dumbledore and Potter
So please, tease ’em, just give me a reason
You bet I’m on edge because its pledge drive season
I’m a demon on the mike so if you battle your beaten
I got a legion of lines and I’m gonna unleash em
Lyric’ly I’m diggin deep like 33 chilean miners
Got the heat like Inskeep or Linda Wertheimer
I’m fine, hot timin’, rapid radio rhyming
Calling the shots like my name was Scott Simon
So this song goes out to all my member stations
With frequent f–f-f-frequency modulations
Innovation – each breath is an act of creation
Yeah my air’s so fresh I’m the talk of the nation

Give me that good radiation
It’s the only station I know
Public Radio
On the air like an eagle flying
On my mind when I’m driving home
Public Radio

You got radio waves? Well I’m a tsunami
Yeah I’m an addiction, You can’t quit once you’re on me
I’m coffee – wake up — its weekend edition
Like tom and ray Magliozzi I turn the ignition
Nonfiction or fable I got diction like Sagal
A feast for the ears like The Splendid Table
I’m above average like one of Wobegon’s kids
And now I’m gonna kick it like Ira Glass did
Act 1: Sedaris recalls his past
Act2: Mike Birbiglia has a good laugh
Act 3. Introspection from Starlee Kine
My crew is small but unstoppable like Terry Gross
My tunes are witty and topical like Terry Gross
My rhymes are sharply intelligent like Terry Gross
OK so I’m in love with Terry Gross
And Renee Montagne and Lakshmi Singh
I want Carl Kassels voice on my answering machine
I’m an NPR addict, I’ve had it with the static
Change the station, lose my patience
Imma do something drastic

Give me that good radiation (not talkin bout x-rays)
It’s the only station I know
Public Radio
On the air like an eagle flying (america!)
On my mind when I’m driving home (in my 2003 camry)
Public Radio

All things considered life is pretty awesome
I like my words the way Will Shortz crossed em
I recycle cans — tryin not to toss ’em
My favorite place in Texas is the city of Austin
Well my (record with the ladies) Is not that great
(Got money in my pocket) Like a buck ninety eight
(On Saturday night) I don’t stay out that late
But when I hit the mic, I communicate
The name is CADAMOLE
What’s playin in my car Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me
Even pledge drives can’t repel me
Me and NPR are like PB and Jelly
We’re like duracel, n we just don’t stop
Round the world like Magellen, still on top
Robert, Michelle n Mellissa Block
Yeah, Norris hit the chorus gonna make it pop

Give me that good radiation (good radiation)
It’s the only station I know
Public Radio
On the air like an eagle flying
On my mind when I’m driving home (I’d by a prius if I could afford it))

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