Richard Feynman Talks Physics with Fred Hoyle in Take the World From Another Point of View, 1973

The famous American physicist Richard Feynman used to take holidays in England. His third wife, Gweneth Howarth, was a native of West Yorkshire, so every year the Feynman family would visit her hometown of Ripponden or the nearby hamlet of Mill Bank.

In 1973 Yorkshire public television made a short film of the Nobel laureate while he was there. The resulting film, Take the World From Another Point of View, was broadcast in America as part of the PBS Nova series. The documentary features a fascinating interview, but what sets it apart from other films on Feynman is the inclusion of a lively conversation he had with the eminent British astrophysicist Fred Hoyle.

A native Yorkshireman, Hoyle did groundbreaking theoretical work on the synthesis of elements in stars and was a leading proponent of the Steady State theory of cosmology. In the film, the British astrophysicist and the American particle physicist walk down to the local pub, Ripponden’s historic Old Bridge Inn, for a lively conversation on physics and the nature of scientific discovery. You can read along with a transcript of the film at the Caltech Web site. Take the World From Another Point of View has a running time of less than 37 minutes, and will be added to our list of Free Movies Online.

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  • I am glad that so many Feynman interviews exist – charming, intelligent, entertaining.
    I wrote a review ( of his (auto)biography ‘Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman’ – offers a lot of insights and is a very straightforward read. I definitely recommend reading it, if one has an interest in the history of scence.

  • louis says:

    alot can be measured from looking at something with Mr. Feynman. His approach to veiwing physics is a childlike approach, based on his relationship to his father, and their conversations about life at a time in his life when his understanding of life was simple in it’s relationship to understanding. ie if you cry you get food, But brilliant !!!

  • Mateus Fagundes says:

    Jethro tull + Feynman = best video ever.

    Parallel to Sagan and pink floyd at Cosmos.

  • socratus says:

    The World from another point of view.

    Sciense is a religion by itself.
    Becouse the God can create and govern the Universe
    only using physical laws, formulas, equations.
    Here is the scheme of His plan.
    God : Ten Scientific Commandments.
    1. Vacuum: T=0K, E= , p= 0, t= .
    2. Particles: C/D=pi=3,14, R/N=k, E/M=c^2, h=0, c=0, i^2=-1, e^i(pi)= -1.
    3. Photon: h=1, c=1, h=E/t, h=kb.
    4. Electron: h*=h/2pi, E=h*f , e^2=ach* .
    5. Gravity, Star formation: h*f = kTlogW : HeII — > HeI — > H — > . . .
    6. Proton: (p).
    7. The evolution of interaction between Photon/Electron and Proton:
    a) electromagnetic,
    b) nuclear,
    c) biological.
    8. The Physical Laws:
    a) Law of Conservation and Transformation Energy/ Mass,
    b) Pauli Exclusion Law,
    c) Heisenberg Uncertainty Law.
    9. Brain: Dualism of Consciousness.
    10. Practice: Parapsychology. Meditation.
    Best wishes.
    Israel Sadovnik Socratus


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