Batgirl Fights for Equal Pay in a 1960s Television Ad Supporting The Equal Pay Act

Featured on the Emily’s List Facebook Page today is this “PSA from the 1960s,” where “Batgirl advocates for equal pay while saving Batman and Robin.” Emily’s List, a PAC aiming to put more pro-choice Democrat female candidates into political office, goes on to note, “Over 50 years ago, Congress passed the Equal Pay Act, a law designed to end wage discrimination against women. Unfortunately, the fight’s still got many rounds left.”

Indeed, a 2008 Census Bureau report shows that women’s median annual earnings were 77.5% of men’s earnings, and efforts to address that imbalance with The Paycheck Fairness Act have been filibustered successfully by Republicans in the Senate. Although President Obama supports the measure, data shows women aren’t faring well financially in the Obama White House either. Where’s Batgirl when we need her?

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Comments (2)
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  • PD Weber says:

    When the comparisons are actually apples to apples, it’s $.95 – same education, same years in the particular work/industry, same number of annual hours worked. Unequal? Agreed. But, then, if you throw in 30+ years of affirmative action for women (meaning structural disadvantage for men), totally unequal sharing of casualties in war, female-run HR departments, and a myriad of set-aside programs (just ask the military and law enforcement, as a starter), and this whole “social justice” nonsense falls apart. Asian- and European-Americans KNOW they are getting the shaft (esp. the so-called “white” guys), but our PC culture just shuts them down. The only “equal” there should be is equal OPPORTUNITY – no set-asides, no social promotions, no affirmative action…we’d end up with a TRUER depiction – and certainly a more productive and meritorious workplace – if we let people actually advance as a result of intellect, work ethic, and perseverance. The world is passing us by largely BECAUSE OF our PC-stupidity and focus on contrived “rights”, while the international community, largely, looks at one’s brains and effort, rather than on superficial characteristics like gender and color. And, really, until women give their fair share of the blood and sacrifice to defend their respective countries, even the men who support their desires will have a difficult time taking them seriously. I support my wife, female relatives, and the women I know to be the best they can be…but, then, they’re not whiners and wimps wanting things handed to them…that is, their not liberals or feminists.

  • J.C. says:

    PD, sshhhh! That type of posting will get you banned around here. This website is known for posting liberal half-truth canards despite its presumed reliance on intellectual liberality and free thinking. You just watch, we’ll have a slew of drive-by ad hominems thrown our way in the comments below for criticizing the intellectually lazy undercurrents of the above ‘Equal Pay Act’ posting.

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