Watch 570 Million Years of Evolution on Earth in 60 Seconds

570 millions years of evolution. That’s a lot of ground to cover. And it could be like watching paint dry. But not when it flies by in 60 seconds, with a groovy soundtrack by I-Konic. First come the arthropods. Next some friendly fish, all followed by land plants, flying insects, amphibians, and reptiles. Way down the line, at the very end, the first humans arrive on the scene. But don’t blink, you might miss it.

To get a little more detail on how this all happened, I’d suggest watching Carl Sagan explain evolution in a classic 8-minute animation.

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Comments (3)
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  • NIcolas says:

    “The animal we know start to evolve around 570 millions years ago” is quite wrong.

    It is estimated that evolution started around 3,8 billion years ago…

  • Alex says:

    Well, yeah thats true if you want to tell the story of evolution rather than the evolution of multicellular animals.

    But if they’d made this film your way it would have lasted around seven minutes instead of just the one and for a whole six minutes you’d have been staring at unchanging bacteria. I think most people would prefer this version!

  • Insectman says:

    “1. Evolution was invented by Anaximander 2,500 years ago as an extension of the Gaea, Mother Earth, religion.
    2. The entire universe, viable and nonviable alike, has always devolved, the exact opposite and excluder of evolved.
    3. Every event in this universe is a devolutional event because some of the converted energy is lost to future events.
    Biology eliminates evolution.”
    Dr. Joseph Mastropaolo

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