Nikola Tesla’s Predictions for the 21st Century: The Rise of Smart Phones & Wireless, The Demise of Coffee & More (1926/35)

The fate of the visionary is to be forever outside of his or her time. Such was the life of Nikola Tesla, who dreamed the future while his opportunistic rival Thomas Edison seized the moment. Even now the name Tesla conjures seemingly wildly impractical ventures, too advanced, too expensive, or far too elegant in design for mass production and consumption. No one better than David Bowie, the pop artist of possibility, could embody Tesla’s air of magisterial high seriousness on the screen. And few were better suited than Tesla himself, perhaps, to extrapolate from his time to ours and see the technological future clearly.

Of course, this image of Tesla as a lone, heroic, and even somewhat tragic figure who fell victim to Edison’s designs is a bit of a romantic exaggeration. As even the editor of a 1935 feature interview piece in the now-defunct Liberty magazine wrote, Tesla and Edison may have been rivals in the “battle between alternating and direct current…. Otherwise the two men were merely opposites. Edison had a genius for practical inventions immediately applicable. Tesla, whose inventions were far ahead of the time, aroused antagonisms which delayed the fruition of his ideas for years.” One can in some respects see why Tesla “aroused antagonisms.” He may have been a genius, but he was not a people person, and some of his views, though maybe characteristic of the times, are downright unsettling.


In the lengthy Liberty essay, “as told to George Sylvester Viereck” (a poet and Nazi sympathizer who also interviewed Hitler), Tesla himself makes the pronouncement, “It seems that I have always been ahead of my time.” He then goes on to enumerate some of the ways he has been proven right, and confidently lists the characteristics of the future as he sees it. No one likes a know-it-all, but Tesla refused to compromise or ingratiate himself, though he suffered for it professionally. And he was, in many cases, right. Many of his 1935 predictions in Liberty are still too far off to measure, and some of them will seem outlandish, or criminal, to us today. But some still seem plausible, and a few advisable if we are to make it another 100 years as a species. Tesla’s predictions include the following, which he introduces with the disclaimer that “forecasting is perilous. No man can look very far into the future.”

  • “Buddhism and Christianity… will be the religion of the human race in the twenty-first century.”
  • “The year 2100 will see eugenics universally established.” Tesla went on to comment, “no one who is not a desirable parent should be permitted to produce progeny. A century from now it will no more occur to a normal person to mate with a person eugenically unfit than to marry a habitual criminal.”
  • “Hygiene, physical culture will be recognized branches of education and government. The Secretary of Hygiene or Physical Culture will be far more important in the cabinet of the President of the United States who holds office in the year 2025 than the Secretary of War.” Along with personal hygiene, Tesla included “pollution” as a social ill in need of regulation.
  • “I am convinced that within a century coffee, tea, and tobacco will be no longer in vogue. Alcohol, however, will still be used. It is not a stimulant but a veritable elixir of life.”
  • “There will be enough wheat and wheat products to feed the entire world, including the teeming millions of China and India.” (Tesla did not foresee the anti-gluten mania of the 21st century.)
  • “Long before the next century dawns, systematic reforestation and the scientific management of natural resources will have made an end of all devastating droughts, forest fires, and floods. The universal utilization of water power and its long-distance transmission will supply every household with cheap power.” Along with this optimistic prediction, Tesla foresaw that “the struggle for existence being lessened, there should be development along ideal rather than material lines.”

Tesla goes on to predict the elimination of war, “by making every nation, weak or strong, able to defend itself,” after which war chests would be diverted to funding education and research. He then describes—in rather fantastical-sounding terms—an apparatus that “projects particles” and transmits energy, enabling not only a revolution in defense technology, but “undreamed of results in television.” Tesla diagnoses his time as one in which “we suffer from the derangement of our civilization because we have not yet completely adjusted ourselves to the machine age.” The solution, he asserts—along with most futurists, then and now—“does not lie in destroying but in mastering the machine.” As an example of such mastery, Tesla describes the future of “automatons” taking over human labor and the creation of “a thinking machine.”

Matt Novak at the Smithsonian has analyzed many of Tesla’s claims, interpreting his predictions about “hygiene and physical culture” as a foreshadowing of the EPA and discussing Tesla’s work in robotics (“Today,” Tesla proclaimed, “the robot is an accepted fact”). The Liberty article was not the first time Tesla had made large-scale, public predictions about the century to come and beyond. In 1926, Tesla gave an interview to Collier’s magazine in which he more or less accurately foresaw smartphones and wireless telephony and computing:

When wireless is perfectly applied the whole earth will be converted into a huge brain, which in fact it is…. We shall be able to communicate with one another instantly, irrespective of distance. Not only this, but through television and telephony we shall see and hear one another as perfectly as though were face to face, despite intervening distances of thousands of miles; and the instruments through which we shall be able to do this will be amazingly simple compared with our present telephone. A man will be able to carry one in his vest pocket. 

Telsa also made some odd predictions about fuel-less passenger flying machines “free from any limitations of the present airplanes and dirigibles” and spouted more of the scary stuff about eugenics that had come to obsess him late in life. Additionally, Tesla saw changing gender relations as the precursor of a coming matriarchy. This was not a development he characterized in positive terms. For Tesla, feminism would “end in a new sex order, with the female as superior.” (As Novak notes, Tesla’s misgivings about feminism have made him a hero to the so-called “men’s rights” movement.) While he fully granted that women could and would match and surpass men in every field, he warned that “the acquisition of new fields of endeavor by women, their gradual usurpation of leadership, will dull and finally dissipate feminine sensibilities, will choke the maternal instinct, so that marriage and motherhood may become abhorrent and human civilization draw closer and closer to the perfect civilization of the bee.”

It seems to me that a “bee civilization” would appeal to a eugenicist, except, I suppose, Tesla feared becoming a drone. Although he saw the development as inevitable, he still sounds to me like any number of current politicians who argue that society should continue to suppress and discriminate against women for their own good and the good of “civilization.” Tesla may be an outsider hero for geek culture everywhere, but his social attitudes give me the creeps. While I’ve personally always liked the vision of a world in which robots do most the work and we spend most of our money on education, when it comes to the elimination of war, I’m less sanguine about particle rays and more sympathetic to the words of Ivor Cutler.

Note: An earlier version of this post appeared on our site in 2015.

via Smithsonian/Paleofuture

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Josh Jones is a writer and musician based in Durham, NC. Follow him at @jdmagness

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  • Murray says:

    There is no doubt Tesla was a genius and many of his predictions have come true as described in this article. Eugenics while unpopular today, because of the horrific consequences of Hitler’s misguided vision of racial purity, does have technical merit from a geneticists point of view if used, with appropriate legislation and control of indiscriminate use, to ensure it is not applied against a person’s will or result in the death of anyone. This could be done through voluntary genetic consultation for couples planning to have a family. If it was provided to prospective couples at a low cost it could help reduce cases of heritable disease such as Huntington’s disease or Parkinson’s. There are many other questions that surround this matter but we should not be afraid to go there using past experiences as a guide to avoid the pitfalls.

  • Brody bondhus says:

    It’s not that he was particularly wrong about anything. Humanity as a whole is well behind in development and therefore aren’t able to move ahead to the next step. Either way if you would like a way to make it so that a hurricane will never reach American soil that much I’m alotted. It will also lower atmospheric (heat). I only ask that I remain anonymous and take no credit.

  • Justinrodger says:

    So much for ac in a bottle just like tesla s dc to ac converter

  • Steven lonien says:

    Relativity of winds and Tides far superior produce speeds of light wobble then infinitely more than “EINSTINES”hells of ways to boil water AND MUTATE VIRUSES.

  • Steven lonien says:

    Relativity of winds and Tides far superior produce speeds of light wobble then infinitely more than his own “EINSTINES”hells of ways to boil water AND MUTATE VIRUSES.

  • Aristotle says:

    A visionary can predict something in the future, but will seldom see it in his lifetime. It’s the genius/es
    of the future who will work on those predictions into fruition or reality.

  • Bill says:

    If Tesla’s wireless transmission of energy had worked, there would not have been electronic communication. There would have been so much spectral noise nothing could have communicated through it. Even audio equipment would not have been possible. When the Blackberry phone first came out it produced a phenomenon where it’s modulation technique could power up even switched off audio devices and some of its signaling could be heard in adjacent computer speakers and would be picked up by microphones. Pushing trillions of watts through the air to power a country would be like living through a continuous lightning storm. Everyone would feel the electricity as they touched metal just a few feet long.

  • Nigger Collins says:

    People arguing for eugenics are racist.

  • Bob says:

    Total propaganda. Tesla was a superior inventor. Killed by the government because they feared free electricity for the people.

  • P Stanley says:

    Let’s not forget about over population and societies secret organizations wanting to
    “soft kill” humans and other ways
    to around 500,000 million a controllable number. How can we advance to the future when so much human control is upon us

  • Oscar Ferreira says:

    Your Tesla article was even more “out there” than that Matt Damien commercial for Bitcoin (Brave).

  • Brad says:

    I like how the author has to virtue-signal along the way. Putting in all that “Tesla furthers misogyny” stuff is just actually contributing to his prediction coming true. How can you not see you are taking part in it by group thinking? Tesla is correct. A matriarchy will just bring about a world where maternal instincts are squashed and people will lose their compassion.

  • Dylan says:

    Thank you! Someone who finally gets it. People just want to hear bad stuff about one of the greatest beings to ever walk this Earth! He truly was that good, but people are ridiculously stupid and petty. He was not racists, he was a scientist, eugenics in the sense of healthy genes, he meant no one would make a stupid decision if they had the right information. And he clearly said good things about women, being superior! How the hell can a woman say that’s bad, like what the actual fuck. And a bee hive is a perfect civilization, with the hive mind, where the collective self would rule over the ego. Sheesh people, actually read what he wrote and think about it before assuming you know what he meant. Edison was the real piece of shit. This article is complete propaganda indeed and I am glad someone sees it. The author is a misguided idiot greatly discrediting an angel that once walked this earth, so duck you author, go reeducate yourself you damn stupid fool and stop spreading your foolishness and ignorance to millions of other idiot readers who never went to the source of the information; no, they were complacent enough to be told what to think, to be told what is right and wrong, how very Orwellian. Humanity’s pettiness and ignorance and spitting in the face of those who only ever tried to help, has always been the most repulsive and disgusting aspect of life on this Hellish planet called Earth. How stupid can you get!? It’s absolutely ridiculous, it’s like people are turned on by trash and lies!

  • James Mcdonough says:


  • Cat says:

    Thanks Dylan for doing all the work of sending my thoughts to clowns. The racism lies are starting to make me wanna vomit. So sick of it. We are not a racist country! We only have systemic hatred a d haters. Edison stole Tesla’s work! Only for the money. Tesla lived to help mankind. Must be some woke golf on here. Thanks brother.

  • Gordon Lee says:

    Not only is humanity oblivious, indifferent and unconcerned about controlling their destructive impulses,but contaminating and polluting the resources they depend on to exist repeats a pattern found in all fallen societies.
    Only the highest echelon of human genius will determine the fate of humanity or extinction is inevitable.

  • JoAnn Guess says:

    Well said people are afraid of what the other person is doing but not a single person is perfect in our world. And most of all we are for getting that our mothers from the past did not have a manual on how to bring children up. So all this talk on our future is coming from a man that was before his time and he was the one that got us to the future of all man and females to the life that we call home a wonderful man even after his death he is still out there trying to make us a future.

  • Wayne says:

    I agree Edison was a real piece of shit,

  • Saxan says:

    When will everyone just admit the history of America and the Internet were dug up in a tomb in Egypt and all the spirit who got to watch it thought they were missing out on something. And , .. …reinacted it.!?

  • Javier H says:


  • Star Temple says:

    True that Blood

  • Dennis Manning says:

    Telia wanted all to have free electricity an all Edison was about making money also Telsa was never taught to me am now 86 just think of all the human beings would have made all the more inventions to benefit man kind he would have certainly had my support 👍

  • Dennis Manning says:

    Telia wanted all to have free electricity an all Edison was about making money also Telsa was never taught to me am now 86 just think of all the human beings would have made all the more inventions to benefit man kind

  • Laurie Carawy says:

    It is so refreshing to read the truth, I hope it catches on. Thankyou for being unafraid to write it in a response where everyone can read it.

  • Calvin says:

    Ya, except Tesla wanted to use the Earth’s crusts to resonate electricity throughout the world. I don’t you’re smarter than he was, sorry pals.

  • Lee says:

    Your parenthetical remark (“(Tesla did not foresee the anti-gluten mania of the 21st century.)”) is not only misguided but also down right ignorant. There are people who are intolerant of gluten containing foods and once that diagnosis is made we do very well as long as we avoid the thing that makes us sick. In the same vein we have to be very careful, when we are around people who think we believe in anti-gluten mania. It happened to me twice and if it happens again I will sue them into bankruptcy.

  • Ditch weed says:

    I just wanted my man back, when I ßee his face there’s not à thing I would çhange tell him I love him, won’t be the same with out my right wing,, I was wrong also I’m also àt fault sorry babe sorry to All

  • Tyrone says:

    What if Telsa’s theory of the eventual human bee-like civilization is actually the rise if machines and AI, leading to the creation of The Matrix.

  • Jerry Randall Harris says:

    Well it really doesn’t matter because neither one of them consulted the undisputed King of everything.
    Yes I am an omnipotent, time, space and parallel dimension traveler.
    Only God and I can predict the future and reiterate the past.
    God has the advantage of being able to do all at once, well I can only traverse one at a time. I won a fist fight with Tesla and I supplied Edison with some of Tesla’s schematics. Not for personal profit but to accelerate the world of invention.
    I’m sure 90% of you are saying, who the hell is this guy comparing himself to God? Well if you’re asking that question then you’re not understanding my statements. I do not compare myself to God. He is definitely the superior but he allows me to perform godlike events as long as he approves them. I cannot override Gods laws or improve upon any of his creations. The highest rank I can achieve is to reveal any information or events I may take part in. Then it is up to him if we choose to put it in play. Occasionally he allows baby Jesus to Walk with me and advise or disavow any projections or processes that may or may not be helpful in trying to get you to get your s*** together. Just saying for a friend, in hand delivered from Olympus. Any opposition, or deviation from said events, will be dealt with swiftly and discreetly. Sorry about your luck.
    Sincerely, Dammit Alda Hell

  • Denise says:

    I agree. Total propaganda. Tesla would never have said that Alcohol was an “elixir of life”. It’s obvious that those who wrote this article never knew the man.

  • Will K says:

    Tesla is still ahead of his times. Being consumed by emotions has lead us to the present where people base everything on emotion and personal feelings. Rarely is the common good seen. People want the world to be how THEY want despite how unnatural it is.

  • Will K says:

    The article was good. As long as you disregard the authors personal opinions.

  • Frank Works LLC says:

    The general public, even the (highly intellectual) majority of this thread, still cannot conceive the concept of ‘universal conciousness’. Most likely they pay someone else for their haircuts, entertainment, clothing, transport and cheap gadgets shipped in a box to their doorstep.

    Work hard, eat one meal in the evening, one glorious shit every morning, respect/protect your elders…and when an older person starts loosing their mind, pay close attention and tell them you (and the world) needs them. tell them over and over again. ….smartest man ever?

    *Ed Leedskalnin

  • Frank Works LLC says:

    The general public, even the (highly intellectual) majority of this thread, still cannot conceive the concept of ‘universal conciousness’. Most likely they pay someone else for their haircuts, entertainment, clothing, transport and cheap gadgets shipped in a box to their doorstep.

    Work hard, eat one meal in the evening, one glorious shit every morning, respect/protect your elders…and when an older person starts loosing their mind, pay close attention and tell them you (and the world) needs them. tell them over and over again. ….smartest man ever?

    *Ed Leedskalnin

  • Jona Denz-Hamilton says:

    Eugenics? As stated, he was not a people person. If he had been, he’d have realized that with women’s advancements come compromise and cooperation…not bee-style at all, but very human. Using one’s brain and talent does not diminish maternal instincts for the great majority. It does, however, open the door for more paternal instincts.

  • GMan says:

    Glad someone said it, had he not been held down by the money giant who had Edison in their pocket, who knows where we’d be today.

  • Maaria says:

    That is a mystery I would like to know all abouth this men

  • Will Greene says:

    Yes u can send vast amounts of AC electricity wirelessly the problem is if it misses the receiver, it will blow up or fry whatever it hits, now the alien astronauts already made an Adonis woman and she fell in love with a human and not one of the Aliens, so the women taking over won’t happen. The Aliens are far older than us and far more advanced, they can travel from their planet to ours and could do so thousands of years ago they have a huge amount of knowledge that we really need.

  • Mark Johnson says:

    Insightful and correct. The problem is we are not ready. Just look at how we treat animals, our environment and each other. We can’t accept each other when we’re all brothers how could we accept another life form, another civilization much more advanced than our own. Earth is our Salusa Secundus for the foreseeable future. We do not dominate our own solar system or even our own Moon. They rule this system and most likely some others in our Local Group. 2025 should be an interesting year I believe. We are so ignorant yet so sure of our preeminence and superiority the truth will be a very hard thing to digest by most people.Tesla said he actually communicated with them, I’m not sure about that but he’s the one I’d talk to at that time if I were a visitor to Earth.

  • Lejackie says:

    Thank you Dylan for stating the obvious. I am so tired of watching humanity being spoon fed lies. We are NOT lemmings and We will NOT follow blindly over the cliff’s edge. Edison was not much of an inventor, more like a thief who stole other people’s inventions and claimed they were his.

  • Jose says:

    Tesla was a living vessel one who helped pave a majority of what it is now.his lost was tragic but never In vain just like we destroy ourselves and all our leaders he came blessed us and he left.may his legacy live forever and let’s be thankful fruits………!369

  • Jose says:

    Tesla was a living vessel one who helped pave a majority of what it is now.his lost was tragic but never In vain just like we destroy ourselves and all our leaders he came blessed us and he left.may his legacy live forever and let’s be thankful fruits.

  • John says:

    Sounds like a feminist who wanted to state her two cents about how Telsa is oppressive to women.

  • KiloAlani says:

    Anybody that puts down tea and especially coffee is a fucking weirdo who should never be taken seriously. He may have had a few good ideas but Edison did us all a big favor ripping him off.

  • Jorge S. says:

    The only one I believe is the bible on predictions, It’s clear what’s coming, Read it and see what’s coming including the one world government (anti-christ)

  • R w berry jr says:

    Can someone check on ditch weed to be sure they are ok.

  • Elias Guebre says:

    I like your truth, Man can only exist as long as His creator allows Him, some time Man forgets the knowledge he got come from his Creator, time and space is only here on Earth, the Power of the Almighty GOD have the Key to move from time and space whenever, wherever, As JESUS appear
    to His Disciples in the room while they were talking about him.. When HE Ascended
    to HEAVEN in front of 500 witness…
    So If GOD send future messages to one of
    his Creation (Son) Telsa, what are we humans going to say when the True MESSIAH
    KING OF KING, THE ALPHA THE OMEGA, THE FIRST AND THE LAST comes down in cloud from Heaven!!! Wow what then??

  • James Schmidt says:

    So you’re saying that people that don’t drink coffee or tea are all weirdos??? His prediction of coffee becoming obsolete/consumed less is already coming true. Many people are starting to realize that their daily coffee/caffeine habits are not boosting their energy or productivity at all, but actually the opposite. Caffeine is a drug just like any other, albeit much milder than something like amphetamines, but still a stimulant. “Coffee alternatives/replacements” are absolutely BOOMING right now, with blends of adaptogenic and nootropic herbs and mushrooms in form of powders simply mixed in water being the main ones. Reports of these new alternatives that contain a max 20mg caffeine are showing much more pronounced and longer lasting effects regarding energy, focus, productivity, cognitive performance, among other benefits, without the afternoon crash or need to consume more throughout the day, in addition to nervousness/jitters and other negative effects of caffeine, which are all well known downsides of those who habitually drink coffee/tea. It started with “Four Sigmatic” which is coffee containing adaptogenic mushrooms like lions mane and cordyceps. Then came “MudWater” which is similar, with no coffee and just 17mg caffeine per serving. And now, I see an ad for new brands of such drinks every day on social media. With most saying the switch to these drinks has given them much greater benefits vs coffee, without the development of tolerance seen with caffeine and withdrawal symptoms associated with sudden cessation of daily use/dependence. So who is the real weirdo, millions of others, or just yourself? Common sense would say it’s you, while millions of others are welcoming this trend. Maybe cut back on your daily caffeine intake, your comment is classic addict behavior, denial of negative effects of drug they use (caffeine) and defending its alleged “benefits”. And then you’ll realize how dependent you are on it, enjoy the crippling migraines pal!

  • James Schmidt says:

    I think we are still a ways away from then, but also very close. In the middle of book of Revelations at the current time it seems. But mankind isn’t ready for that to happen yet, I believe it will come very soon though as the inevitable downfall of the human race can already be observed in many different areas. We have the tech to advance in unbelievable ways, but still won’t apply them because it would mean the end of the machine that fills the bank accounts of those who rule over us. How is it that something like Cannabis is still Class 1 drug in the US, however Methamphetamine, or most commonly regular amphetamine, is Class 2, and given to kids as young as 4-5 years for its “medical use”, and the reason is that Cannabis supposedly has “no known medical uses” even though we know this is grossly false. And yes, I said METH. Desoxyn is the brand name for the prescription tablets containing 5mg of methamphetamine used to treat mainly narcolepsy, but still occasionally given for ADD/ADHD and even treatment resistant depression. Not even knocking meth, as crazy as that sounds, 1 week of therapeutic dosing actually saved my life and pulled me out of a long period of extreme depression, anxiety, and decade of substance abuse disorder. Just that week helped me get out of bed and sort my life out, which addressed the underlying causes of my depression/drug abuse, with no desire to use the drug ever again or any addiction. All things can be useful, but too much of any good thing can be bad. Also people are usually using street meth which is contaminated. From the pharmacy, it is almost a different effect entirely. But Cannabis that has also saved lives doesn’t have medical use, and that’s because the FDA is unable to patent Cannabis since it is a plant, the active compound THC would have to be extracted and formulated into a pill with standardized doses (which was done long ago, and is an FDA approved drug called Marinol, which is THC in a pill) but has side effects never seen in use of regular Cannabis. But still has no medical use, even though Marinol is FDA approved for medical use. Same as an opium poppy can’t be patented, so the morphine is extracted and used to make OxyContin, which made the company billions upon billions of dollars to date. All while saying it wasn’t addictive when it first came out. They knew. But the greed that exists in humans pushes them to neglect all the negative fallout it has on population, just to become wealthier, while little kids starve every day all around the world. Hence “money is the root of all evil” even though it isn’t the money itself, but the sin of greed that is evil. End times are soon, God will cleanse the earth of the humans that are the “cancer” of society, spreading rapidly, polluting our only home, and the earth doesn’t need humans, but humans sure do need the earth. Yet we will spend billions to try and colonize Mars instead of using it to save the planet that already provides us with everything we could ever need. God gave us this gift, we blew it, and he will intervene before the final “blow” is dealt to this planet. Just like the flood and Noah’s ship, those who know and accept God in their heart will ascend with the Messiah as we move into the next age and evolve into 4th and 5th dimensional beings, such as Christ. While all those who denied him will be left behind to experience the hell on Earth that they created with their own hands. All power to the highest.

  • James Schmidt says:

    Also as you said, one world government, currency, etc. Are already well in the works. Bible says mark of the beast will be on the right thumb or center of forehead, and without it you will not be able to buy, trade, or anything else. And here we have RFID chips now being implanted into people’s right thumb or forhead (only options you can choose) that will contain all info like social security number, criminal records, currency, and even the media stating eventually if you do not receive this implant, then you will not even be able to buy food from the store, get a plane ticket, travel, rent a hotel room, just about anything and everything you could imagine. As natural disasters wreak havoc all over the globe and are ever increasing. Hmm, sounds familiar…. almost like it was written out word for word over 2000 years ago in a book called the Holy Bible in the chapter of Revelations…. think it is coincidence all you’d like, but the ignorant will always choose to ignore and be blind to the truth that lay right before their very eyes. And to think, we fight war over religions, that are all ultimately worshipping the same God and creator. Jesus and the Buddha were the same, prophets sent from God to teach us the same thing, only like words in different languages sound vastly different but mean the same exact thing. Jesus and Buddha were just on Earth at different times. Only difference being Christ ultimately was the only one sacrificed for the sin of man to be forgiven. Different languages, same message. God is the All, the One, the almighty. He is formless, only mind, yet can take on any form. And from just mind, and thought/idea alone, he created this entire universe. Exactly why it’s said we were created in his image, humans are the only creatures with the ability and thought/imagination to create anything we wish, just as in the image of God. Spare the limitations we have as humans, as we are in his image, not God’s ourselves. But that is exactly why it is said God is within all of us, that power to create lies within each of us. God bless us all, the future is very scary, or very bright, depending on what we chose to do with it.

  • Saduziday Duque says:

    Totally agree with you when there is ambition of power money and more to control becomes an obsession and we humans are the weakest target an easy one if they control us even more when we are just poor low class workers.God is seing us he wont leave us the change is

  • Outside says:

    Regardless if you all fight back and forth ….


    Oh ok 😂

  • VS says:

    Ethically it has nothing to do with racism. Its whole purpose is eliminating horrible genetic diseases like cancer, Parkinson’s, ALS, etc. NOBODY should ever have to live with these heartbreaking, debilitating, fatal diseases or see a loved one suffer like that. It’s the human way of the future. However, anything in this world can be used for evil, so there must be regulations on such things.

  • Jack Devin says:

    I think you’re the effin moron, weirdo… Who are you to demonize Tesla, a genius far beyond his time who gave us alternative current that made possible what we have and enjoyed today ? Shame on you !

  • L Garou says:

    Telsa also made some odd predictions about fuel-less passenger flying machines “free from any limitations of the present airplanes and dirigibles”

    Yeah, the TR-3B, etc. are kind of odd aren’t they..

  • Janette says:

    Tesla was a great man and will always be known as a great man until the end off time here on earth. He was a great scientist and an awesome inventor that was thinking of others not the greedy for money. Hogwash to the writer whom is talking trash on him. After reading everyone’s comments, I agree with many of your comments Great article. I am so glad that many of you commented on the true facts about Madison thieving Tesla’s invention ideas, the 85 yr old man that said if he would have been taught about Tesla he would have follow him. The elite was very active then preventing people like Tesla from achieving his goal. He was kept hidden from being known by the public because he was thinking of producing free electricity for everyone. Its wishful thinking sir. I would have followed him myself (the elite has been stuffing the governments pockets way before your birth and still to this day and they will continue to eliminate and pay off anyone that gets in their way. Their greed for money and power will end when they are all casted down into the pit of fire. The new world order is a joke it has failed so many times and will continue to fail because the only one that Rules here on earth is the almighty GOD. The owners of the tv news media,the newspapers, and the internet are the elite so don’t believe anything they report. It is all twisted to deceive you all.. Stick to reading the bible because that is where you will find the entire truth about everything you need to know to be saved and to deal with the wicked until the GOOD LORD returns. Follow the commandments and what God as to says and not the dirt of the haters and unbelievers . Like Einstein said (the more I study science the more I believe there is a GOD) Read the Bible and you will feel the same.

    Bless you all and don’t feed off of these articles because they make you start name calling and become a hater.
    That is what they are written for to see what kind of war they can create. Keep in mind evil exsists in many forms.
    It is great to know that there are more intelligent and God loving people in this article than there are ugly ones and haters. Tho there is no need to get vulgar and start name calling to put people in their place.

  • Gene says:

    When the people start leading the leaders will start following. Nikola Tesla was one of the people we need more like him, he loved all and he wanted to serve all that was his goal. He had a pigeon that he loved dearly one day it was sick he stayed home until it passed away. We all pass away from this point, what were the lessons we learned while we were here, to love one another. We’ll all figure it out how to do that eventually…….

  • 🧬 says:

    When the people start leading the leaders will start following. Nikola Tesla was one of the people we need more like him, he loved all and he wanted to serve all that was his goal. He had a pigeon that he loved dearly one day it was sick he stayed home until it passed away. We all pass away from this point, what were the lessons we learned while we were here, to love one another. We’ll all figure it out how to do that eventually…….

  • Edward Johnson says:

    One thing I do know if you really want to make.God one who sits high in the center of the earth Laugh..tell him what you have plain.see from the beginning yes God gave man knowledge. Yes only too development culture of humanity.whts in important here is. Only Universal God him self Knows the Beginning also incoming of the just giving facts here also His truth…

  • Damon Clarambeau says:


  • Damon Clarambeau says:

    There have been a few people and I mean far and few between since humanity that have been revolutionary, 99.1% of people either do not have the ability to think on there own, choose not to for what ever there reasons are or do not have the ability… When these rare gifts come along for humanity, humanity is ofter not intelligent enough to allow these individuals to take charge… I am not sure about Tesla’s wireless theory cause I have not studied it one bit, and to imagine what the probablem was would be to almost make a prediction… If you relize you did or do not live in Tesla’s realm and the is basically the same as Tesla predicting what our time would look like, especially when you count in the unknown of how often history repeats itself…

  • Robert White says:


    So…everyone of the Jewish faith are racists?? Hasidics the most extreme???
    Because it’s inarguably true that Judaism has been practicing eugenics for oh, anout 3,000 or so years mow (since around the inception of the religion) through its near absolute requirement that all marriages must be intrafaith couples only (both partners must be Jewish)?
    Geez, I don’t think they’re gonna take hearing that very well…but you said it, not me.

    Huh. “Religious Eugenics.” I guess that’s not only permitted, but actually protected under the Constitution.

    So “eugenics” are bad, but “eugenics being one of the most fundamental underpinnings of Judaism” are perfectly fine.

    I’m sensing an air of hypocrisy here, though…

  • To many species for chance says:

    Ditch Elone please me me on scale lacking tides and wind. got plutonium illusions gesture

  • Eva Pedersen says:

    Yes, Nikola Tesla was an excentric visionary who fell hopelessly in love with … a pigeon. An interesting individual, I’d say. Who needs mediocrity?

  • Daniel Jenkins says:

    Pass it too the people, Tesla was put here for a reason and his words are gold. They knew and they killed him. Keep up his words and believe,don’t let his words and wisdomt die ,people need too know and believe.

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