The Map of Engineering: A New Animation Shows How All of the Different Fields in Engineering Fit Together

In his latest animation, physicist and science writer Dominic Walliman maps out the entire field of engineering and all of its subdisciplines. Civil engineering, chemical engineering, bio engineering, biomedical engineering, mechanical engineering, aerospace engineering, marine engineering, electrical engineering, computer engineering–they’re all covered here.

In the past, we’ve featured Walliman’s other educational animations that cover Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Quantum Computing, Computer Science, and more. Click the links to explore each video.

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Comments (13)
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  • Billy Bob says:

    Want to make ignorant conservative brains explode? Show them this – the map of everything they are clueless about and take for granted.

  • Joe Aguayo says:

    Amazing synopsis of how our modern world was created and is maintained. While I understand all engineering disciplines could not be covered, mentioning the role of process engineering in the production of what we consume would be beneficial.

  • Adriana Narvaez Cote says:

    What a great video! A simple manner to explain all connections. Thank you!!

  • William Rollins says:

    Would love a color copy/print/illustration of your explanation of engineering. Are they for sale?

  • Theuns Dirkse-van Schalkwyk says:

    Chemical Engineering is more often used to describe what is otherwise called Process Engineering

  • Theuns Dirkse-van Schalkwyk says:

    Industrial engineering optimises the application of people, technology and money to problems that span engineering disciplines.

  • Alex Libby says:

    This animation is amazing! It provides a great visual representation of how all the various engineering fields are interconnected. It is especially helpful for students who are just starting to explore engineering and want to learn more about the different fields. It’s a great way to get a big-picture view of engineering and understand how the different disciplines relate to each other. Great work!

  • Gary says:

    Conservative brain? I’d say more like a liberal brain? IMO, those are generally the people who are clueless & don’t understand.

  • John says:

    Strange comment. I have not observed that conservatives are clueless about things like engineering. And concerning the political leanings of engineers themselves, since this is a video about engineering, while the software engineering fields seem to lean quite a bit to the Democrat side, hard engineering fields like civil, chemical, electrical, etc are pretty balanced between Democrats and Republicans.

  • Darryl says:

    Second this. Chemical production, water treatment processing, food processing, etc. bachelor’s level course work and concepts are typically mass transfer, fluid and gas transfer and mechanics, heat transfer, thermodynamics, mass and energy accounting, reactor design/kinetics, and controls logic/theory. They do chemistry but don’t really design the chemistry.

    From the cross disciplinary example, materials engineering deals with the properties needed but they and chemists would develop the materials then chemical engineers would figure out how to take the lab scale to large scale or continuous production.

  • Stuart M says:

    Nice illustration, however, you neglex

  • richmac777 says:

    It’s your assumption that conservatives are clueless about this what do you think funds all these projects? Conservative thinking. The free market is free to discover the mysteries.

  • Adamu Musa says:

    I want to join the reseach community althouh i have some paper that i want to present.The content of the paper was on energy control and development system.Africa has one of the great energy atmospheric enviroment thats th world global energy reseach must come and invest in the society.

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