Breaking Down the Beatles’ Get Back Documentary: Stream Episode #111 of the Pretty Much Pop Podcast

Your host Mark Lin­sen­may­er is joined by musi­cian David Brook­ings, Gig Gab pod­cast host Dave Hamil­ton, and Open­Cul­ture writer Col­in Mar­shall to dis­cuss Peter Jack­son’s doc­u­men­tary Get Back and the endur­ing pop­u­lar­i­ty of The Bea­t­les.

This was record­ed on 12/8, the anniver­sary of John Lennon’s death. We con­sid­er the arc of their career, the var­i­ous post-mortem releas­es that keep our inter­est, why Bea­t­les solo work remains a cult inter­est, and much more.

Fol­low @davidbrookings. Hear him sing every Bea­t­les song. Hear him talk­ing about his own tunes with Mark on Naked­ly Exam­ined Music.

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