Anxious Times – A Stanford Roundtable

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What happens when you get America’s leading minds in a room to talk about the major threats of the 21st century — terrorism, nuclear proliferation, pandemics, energy shortages, etc? Well, frankly you get a little scared … and a bit more aware of the complexities of our globalized world.


Richard Dawkins – The God Delusion

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As E.O. Wilson gives, Richard Dawkin’s takes. Everything evens out.
Richard Dawkins is biologist of international stature, too. But while Wilson is extending olive branches, Dawkins is taking no prisoners.


E.O. Wilson’s Olive Branch: The Creation

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A world renowned biologist, devoted Darwinist, and unabashed secular humanist, Harvard’s E.O. Wilson has taken an intriguing religious turn with his latest work, “The Creation: An Appeal to Save Life on Earth.” A Baptist by upbringing, Wilson offers literally a sermon addressed to America’s large and growing evangelical community.


News & Information Podcast Collection

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ABC NEWS – All iTunes Feeds

ABC Nightly News (Video) iTunes Feed
Amanda Congdon on ABCNews.


Free Educational Web Resources

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Online Texts & Text Search



This site provides many important public domain texts in a free, easy-to-read format.


A strong collection of classic American and English Literature. Notably includes the Harvard Classics and the Oxford Shakespeare.


Free University Online Courses

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This page is no longer updated, please our new collection of Free Courses from leading universities.

Carnegie Mellon Open Learning Initiative

A collection of free online courses and course materials. Courses range from physics and chemistry, to french and statistics, to economics and calculus.


Open Culture in the Media

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Recent mentions of Open Culture in the media:
07/08 – Haaretz – article
06/08 – The Chronicle of Higher Education – blog post
05/08 – MSN Sympatico – Article
01/08 – The Chronicle of Higher Education – article
12/17 The Chronicle of Higher Education – Wired Campus – article
11/07 Guest on FORA.


University & College Podcasts – Free Educational Podcasts

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Below you will discover podcast collections created by leading universities. Also be sure to see our online collection of Free Courses.

American University – Washington College of Law iTunes Feed Web Site

An eclectic collection of legal podcasts.

Boston College iTunes Web Site

A diverse collection of lectures from across the BC campus.


Technology Podcast Collection

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Adobe Creative Suite Video Podcast iTunes Feed Web Site

Terry White teaches you how to unlock the power of Creative Suite with visual examples. Emphasis gets placed on inDesign and Photoshop.

Amanda Congdon on iTunes Feed Web Site

A technology program that is much promoted by ABC.


Smart Talks – Leading Thinkers in Multi-Media

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Here you can get direct access to audio and video presentations by leading thinkers in our society. Next to each entry, we’ve noted the media format in which each presentation is delivered. Just click and enjoy.


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