10 Ways to Make Your iPod a Better Learning Gadget

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The iPod can supercharge your learning. But it’s often a matter of finding the right software and content. Below, we’ve listed several new pieces of software that will let you suck more educational media (DVDs, web videos, audio files, etc.) into your iPod.


William F. Buckley v. Gore Vidal – 1968

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William F. Buckley, Jr., the intellectual force behind the strand of conservatism that peaked with Ronald Reagan, died yesterday. (See NY Times obit.) Here, we have some vintage Buckley. The video clip below features Buckley and Gore Vidal going at it, almost coming to blows, during the contested presidential campaign of 1968.


Not Always a Nation of Dunces

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Here’s a nice counterpoint to our post last week covering Susan Jacoby’s new book The Age of American Unreason and her lament that America has declined into a morass of anti-intellectualism and low expectations.


How to Learn a Foreign Language

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We stumbled across this video (below) over on YouTube. It offers a quick survey of web resources that will teach you foreign languages for free. Among other items, the video mentions our Foreign Language Podcast Collection and, for that, we wanted to say thanks to whoever put this together.


The Best Place on the Web for Film Junkies

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Some of you may know GreenCine as a highbrow video-rental company, one that serves as an alternative to Netflix and Blockbuster. But the best thing about Greencine is its blog, maintained by David Hudson and updated several times a day.


Cracking Tarantino

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“Tarantino’s Mind,” an award winning short film from Brazil, decodes the filmography of Quentin Tarantino, drawing connections most Tarantino fans might not have drawn themselves. Acting in the film is Seu Jorge, a great Brazilian musician (check this album out) who has gained recent fame in the US. The clip runs a good ten minutes.


80 Years of Academy Award Winning Films in Posters

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Great poster collection of Oscar winning films, from 1927 to this week. Check it out here.
via Kottke.


Where to Get Free Online Courses from Great Universities?

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The answer is our collection called Free Online Courses from Great Universities, of course. We spent some time this weekend adding new courses to the collection, and it now includes about 110 free courses in total. We’ve also made it easy to pop these courses on your iPod (or any other MP3 player).


Online Writing Courses at Stanford (Spring)

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Quick fyi: Starting Monday, you can sign up for online writing courses at Stanford. (See list below.


Free Books from HarperCollins

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As discussed in this NY Times article, HarperCollins has made a few of its books available online for free. You can read them from start to finish in digital format. But you can’t download them, and they’ll only be available for a few more weeks. (Presumably new books will be made available in the future.) Here’s what you’ll currently find.


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