Elephant Painting

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The video above is fairly mind-blowing. And here you can watch the elephant from another angle. The elephant apparently resides in a safe haven in Thailand, after having been abused in Burma. For more info, see The Elephant Art & Conservation Project. (Video has been added to our YouTube playlist.


Dith Pran on Genocide

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Dith Pran, a photojournalist and political activist who survived The Killing Fields in Cambodia, and whose experience was narrated in the 1984 film by the same name, has died at 65. You can revisit his photographic work here, and watch a talk he gave in 2006.


Nosferatu: The Silent Adaptation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula

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Released in 1922, the German Expressionist film, Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror, offers a chilling adaption of Bram Stoker’s Dracula (get free audiobook of Stoker’s work here). The film was made by F. W. Murnau and stars Max Schreck. Watch it below, or find it in our collection of Free Movies Online.


80+ Free Courses from UCSD

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Here’s a quick note for anyone looking for free online courses: The University of California – San Diego now gives you free access to more than 80 courses. (Access the full list here.) The courses, mostly rooted in the sciences, can be accessed via iTunes or rss feed.


Bush’s War

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To mark the fifth anniversary of the Iraq invasion, PBS’s Frontline is airing “Bush’s War,” which offers “the definitive documentary analysis of one of the most challenging periods in the nation’s history.


The Real Cost of the Iraq War

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During the run up to the Iraq war, the Bush administration estimated that the military mission would run around $50 billion, even though experts doubted those numbers at the time. (In 2002, Yale’s William Nordhaus guessed that the costs could reach $500 billion within five years.


The Power of Organizing Without Organizations

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At The Berkman Center for Internet and Society (at Harvard Law School), Clay Shirky gave a talk on his highly touted new book, Here Comes Everybody: The Power of Organizing Without Organizations. You can catch his talk here: video for computer or portable device – high res video – mp3 audio. And sample some of his other writing here.


Grateful Dead Free Concert Archive

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A nice little find for Dead Heads: The Internet Archive hosts a large collection of the Grateful Dead’s live music. Some concerts (usually recorded by members of the audience) can be downloaded. Other audio (usually taken from the soundboard) can be streamed. You can access the overall collection here.


David Lynch: The Lesser Known Work

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David Lynch fans, here you go. Below (and added to our YouTube playlist), we have Lynch’s anti-littering public service announcement that has a fairly high creepiness factor. He’s actually not new to the world of commercials.


The Kindle: Amazon Has a Winner

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When Amazon’s Kindle hit the streets last November, the critics gave the newfangled ebook reader mixed reviews. The customers, however, have been saying something a little bit different. Sales have been brisk, a bit too brisk actually.


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