Blogs & Podcasts for the Financial Crisis

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There’s no doubt about it. We’re living in interesting times, as the Chinese curse goes, and they won’t be going away any time soon. Most of us can’t afford to ignore what’s happening here. So, below, I have highlighted a number of blogs and podcasts that help make intelligent sense of this economic debacle.


The New Kindle and the Audio Book Threat

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It took until February 26, but I finally got my backordered x-mas present – the Kindle 2 (check it out here). There’s a lot to like about it. It’s thin & light. The screen is very readable. It holds a ton of books (1500). It downloaded War & Peace in a matter of seconds. The battery life is long.


Allan Bloom on YouTube

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Allan Bloom, perhaps best remembered for his controversial bestseller The Closing of the American Mind, spent his career studying and lecturing on the great books, writing extensively on Plato, Shakespeare, Rousseau, Hegel and others. Perhaps not terribly surprisingly, some of his lectures have popped up on YouTube.


Public Radio on the iPhone

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Here’s a quick fyi for iPhone users: The Public Radio Tuner, a free app available on iTunes, gives you (free) access to hundreds of public radio streams from across the US. Released in late January, the Tuner brings together feeds from NPR, American Public Media, and PRI, among others.


Newspaper Front Pages from Across the World

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What’s the main news story of the day? It depends on where you live.
Newseum has a handy web page that let’s you visually scan the front page of over 700 newspapers across 80 countries.


The American Future

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Through his books and documentaries, Simon Schama, a British born historian, has covered a lot of fertile ground. The French Revolution, the slave trade, the power of art, Rembrandt, early modern Dutch culture, the history of Britain — Schama has covered it all. And now he has pulled a Tocqueville on us.


If Life Were Only Like This …

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Somehow my mind turned back today to this classic scene from Annie Hall — Woody Allen’s 1977 Academy Awarding-winning film. The scene features Woody, Diane Keaton, and a cameo by Marshall McLuhan, who gave us media theory and the expression “the medium is the message.” The bit is always good for a laugh.


Stanford Online Writing Courses – The Spring Lineup

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A quick fyi: This morning, Stanford Continuing Studies opened up registration for its spring lineup of online writing courses.


The Top Educational iPhone/iPad Apps

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Since the release of the Apple’s App Store, numerous sources have commented on the potential of educational apps. While these apps can’t compete with the general popularity of gaming and leisure apps, there are a number of educational apps that mobile learners will find handy.


The Unrepentant Terrorist? A Conversation with Bill Ayers

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Bill Ayers, founder of the Weather Underground and favorite whipping boy of the failed McCain campaign, gives a primer on the summer of ’68, discusses his favorite tattoo, and explains how the Chicago Police Department now loves him.


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