Where Do You Go for Intelligent Video?

Folks, it’s time for a new group project. Last year, I asked you to tell us about your Life-Changing Books, and we pulled together an excellent list that many readers have enjoyed. Now we want to know: where do you go for intelligent video? If you list the sites that you like best — TED, Fora.TV, YouTube EDU, SnagFilms, Academic Earth, etc. — we’ll pull together a big list and present it next week. My hope is that the list will include some well-known names and some less well-known names. If there’s a site where you find intelligent video, we want want to know about, and your fellow readers will thank you for it. Feel free to email me your picks at mail@openculture.com, or write them in the comments below. Thanks all!

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  • Hon So

    Here are some sites for intelligent videos:

    Gresham College: http://www.gresham.ac.uk/audio_video.asp?PageId=108



  • Dan Colman

    Thanks for getting us started. Those are some good ones!

  • Robert Burgin
  • http://www.museusdospuntzero.blogspot.com albert

    In Spain:

    About heritage in catalonia:

    And about innovation and other trendy topics:


  • http://alextatic.blogspot.com Alextatic

    I remember the first time I got excited about intelligent video. It was with my discovery of iTunes U a while ago. My current favorites:


    I like the addition of documentaries to Hulu.com as well :)

  • Walter

    Though I enjoy TED, Fora, and Academic Earth, my favorite, my daily go-to video site, is Bloggingheads.tv

  • http://www.bcitltc.com/ Amanda Coolidge

    Ted talks for sure!

  • Alyssa Ruesch

    TED talks! I use them all the time for ESL classes.

  • http://www.ericoosenbrug.com Eric

    Great suggestions! Thanks for putting this together.
    I would like to put forward Psychlectures: http://www.psychlectures.com
    Although this website doesn’t host video, it brings together all sorts of media (including courses) on the topic of psychology, neuroscience, and psychiatry, for those interested.

  • http://www.weitzel.info/justdolls claudia


    aside from youtube and archive.org, here are 2 sites I like browsing through when looking for videos:



  • http://www.boneanchor.net Morgan

    I see that Ted.com and
    EuropaFilmTreasures.eu are are listed … those are two of my favs.

    Another that I highly recommend is Folkstreams, a collection of short films and mini-documentaries on American roots culture, including music, folkart and traditional customs:


  • Dan Colman

    Thanks all. This is great. Keep the suggestions coming. I will likely post the final list on Wednesday. So keep the tips coming until then.

  • Julie
  • http://www.ogre3d.de Tim

    free university lectures:


  • Andy Proehl

    Definitely TED. They keep adding great features, more talks, more languages, etc. Their primary mission is now to make sure as many people have access to these amazing talks. $6000 to watch them live, free with a 3 month delay. It is the site I share with friends the most.

  • Milton

    I’m always amazed by the variety of educational and humorous videos in the Philosophy Monkey blog:

  • Lowell

    This site is a bit out of date and some of the links are broken, but it’s still a great compilation of online documentaries:


  • Richard Lowe
  • Bryan


    I go here for some good old documentary watching.

  • http://snagfilms.com Chris

    I’m surprised Snagfilms hasn’t been mentioned in the comments – its a fantastic site with hundreds of documentaries. The best part about the site is you can give back to the charitable foundations behind each one of the documentaries.

  • http://www.snagfilms.com/ Zachary Leonsis

    It’s gotta be Snagfilms.com. Snagfilms provides hundreds of free documentaries without any membership or subscription. These important and educational independent films are awesome!

  • Shazia Ali


    documentaries, world news (dubbed from middle eastern countries), world music, culture, etc.

    One stop shop.

  • http://scottbrenner.com Scott Brenner

    I also love TED talks. They are so interesting, unusual, and thought provoking.

  • http://www.snagfilms.com kim

    Without a doubt, I go to SnagFilms. So many fabulous options, too little time!

  • Julie

    Here are some more…





  • Dan Colman

    Julie, you are coming up with some great suggestions. Thanks!

  • Reka

    http://www.linktv.org/, they have good documentaries

  • Julie

    Thanks, Dan. I’m Digital Media Librarian @ Boston College. I keep a list (fairly updated) @


    I’m always looking for suggestions or ways to build it up.

  • Gauri

    1. The Long Now Foundation

    2. Talks at google

    and TED ofcourse!

  • David

    I second the PBS videos, specifically the Frontline and NOVA series. Also second mitworld. iTunes U is definitely worth checking out as well.

    If you don’t mind reading:
    At FSU I can also get access to virtually any journal online, and trust me there are a plethora of journals on any subject you can think of. I’m sure most universities have the same, and if you don’t go to a university you should try a public library.


  • http://twitter.com/dancingdg Deborah Galarza

    Perhaps a bit late but these are a few of my favorites:

    Everything Under (and over) the Sun at Science DailyDaily

    For the Best in Educational Practices thank Steven Spielberg for this one:

    Music Intelligence

  • http://woweaiwbbbbbbekkopj.edu fjaiowjaoiw

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  • diftol

    I know I’m a bit late to the game in posting a comment here, but the best resource I’ve ever found for free debates online is The Institute of Art and Ideas’ website, which you can find here: http://iai.tv/