Oliver Sacks Talks Music with Jon Stewart

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This conversation, both funny and a little informative, is worth your time.


Ben Folds Presents: University A Cappella

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“In 2009 Ben Folds released a greatest hits record, of sorts, sung entirely in a cappella. The album, Ben Folds Presents: University A Cappella! features two tracks performed by Ben himself, but the bulk of the material was performed by various university a cappella groups.” You can catch a documentary version above.


Cosmology Online

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Leonard Susskind, a Stanford physicist who helped conceptualize string theory and has waged a long-running “Black Hole War” with Stephen Hawking (see his newish book on that subject) offers a course on Cosmology, which studies the origin and development of the universe.


The 50 Greatest Trailers of All Time

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IFC.com (the web site of the Independent Film Channel) has worked up a list of the all-time best movie trailers — or, as they put it, the films that promote the actual films. The list cuts across different eras and features many older classics (Psycho, Citizen Kane, Dr. Strangelove, etc.) as well as more recent films.


Streaming Movies Online: The Future is Almost Now

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According to Netflix’s CEO, the DVD is done, and the future is all about streaming movies online. (Read the Wall Street Journal piece on that.) This segues nicely to a list that we have compiled that contains 1) over 100 high quality films that you can watch online for free, and 2) 35 web sites where you can watch free movies online.


Keeping Jacko in Perspective

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Yes, Jacko had undeniable talent. And, yes, Thriller drove more sales than any other album ever. But, Jacko released Thriller back in 1982 — roughly 27 years ago. And, what has he accomplished since? Creatively very little, and the personal story is very mixed. Despite that, his death is the big news story everywhere, both in America and abroad.


Philip Roth on Aging

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File under Literature & Life…


Bernard-Henri Lévy on the Streets of Tehran

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Bernard-Henri Lévy, one of France’s leading intellectuals (you can tell by the way he buttons his shirt) pays dramatic homage to the uprising in Iran. The rhythm of the speech is vaguely MLK’esque. But the content is distinctly French intello. (Somehow Michel Foucault gets worked into an analysis of what’s happening on the streets of Tehran.


A Master List of Free Language Learning Resources

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Looking to learn a new language this summer? Then give this list a good look. The folks at Universitiesandcolleges.org have created “The Master List of Free Language Learning Resources,” which pulls together materials found across a range of different media. Here, you’ll find podcasts, open courses, iphone apps, and more.


Hodgman (and Obama) on Geeks, Jocks & Nerds

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All credit to Jason Kottke on this one. Perfect for our readers. From the 2009 Radio and TV Correspondents’ Dinner. Give it a little time.


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