The Old Man & The Sea Animated

In 1999, Aleksandr Petrov won the Academy Award for Short Film (among other awards) for a film that follows the plot line of Ernest Hemingway's classic novella, The Old Man and the Sea (1952). As noted here, Petrov's technique involves painting pastels on glass, and he and his son painted a total of 29,000 images. Rather incredible. Above, we present the 20 minute short.

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Comments (10)
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  • sue ogden says:

    This small perfect movie is one of the best I’ve seen lately! I have fished, friends of mine fish now off Cape Cod, the book has always been a favorite of mine and this short “gem” is the crux of it all!
    Thank you….

  • Jorge Nava says:

    This is an art masterpiece that should be played in every design and art school…

  • Song says:

    Hemingway is acknowledged as great at conveying moods and emotions in his works. He is like Steinbeck. Hemingway had the ability to use the language and the variable emotional effects of words, printed on a page to project the reader into the story; in that the reader beomes the character.
    The old man, Santiago, is a glyph, a symbol even an icon representing the struggle, victory, tragedy, loss, rebutal, denial and fate of all men who submit to beg to their charter we will all of us, fail, judged by human or humanist values. Yet in our MHS (mind, heart, spirit) we prevail — this is the message of the story. ergo what other men think is not important, what I think is all that matters.

  • maybrit says:

    Absolutely fantastic….I almost wept

  • Alby says:

    Astonishing, an absolute masterpiece, I feel like sobbing.

  • putting4par says:

    One of the most beautiful movies of all time. A masterpiece that so few have seen. Everyone who loves beauty deserves to see this.

  • June says:

    Truly a beautiful work of art

  • David Jefferson says:

    What a wonderful way to add to an already great work. Thank you Dad and son for 26,000 paintings that, together, create the visual beauty of this film. DavyJ

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