10,000 Galaxies in 3D

In 2004, the Hubble Space Telescope captured 10,000 galaxies in an image that’s now called the Ultra Deep Field. It’s our deepest look into the universe. The video above animates the Deep Field image and puts it into 3D. No need to read more. Just watch.

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  • http://markaldrich.blogspot.com Mark Aldrich

    This is tremendously beautiful. I feel very small, but very lucky. There are many ways to be humbled. Watching this video strikes me as an eminently positive and intelligent way to address our self-importance.
    Is there anyone/anything looking at us? Thanks for posting this!

  • Christian

    So beautiful I had almost had tears in my eyes…

  • IMH

    Makes reference to the Ultra Deep Field.


  • Rajan Melathil

    Its really wonderful and astonishing facts.