Tom Waits Reads Charles Bukowski

Next up: Tom Waits reads Charles Bukowski’s poem, The Laughing Heart. As Zoran (a reader from Greece) observes, Waits reads the poem much like Bukowski would have read it himself.

Of course, this raises the question: How did Bukowski read his poetry? The Secret of My Endurance holds the answer.

Thanks Zoran…

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  • Wes Alwan

    Very cool — they go well together; although I have to say I prefer Bukowski’s novels — love the novels.

  • Draw For Joy

    I love Tom Waits and Charles Bukowski. This video is one of my favorites. I look at it every week.

  • Frank

    I agree, the novels are the best but he wrote some great poems too. He just had good lines in general. Good quotes. I follow a Bukowski quotes twitter feed – – so I’ve been seeing a lot of them lately and I’m always amazed at how many good lines he wrote.

  • John

    This made my day. Thanks for sharing it!

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  • Luca

    Be warned: the Tom Waits reading stops at 1:02 and this is followed by a presentation by the sphincter-tightening Bono at 1:05. I was unprepared … and it was a dreadful shock to the system.

  • Paulah May

    Ahhhh. I needed that!