National Film Board of Canada Launches Free iPad App

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A quick heads up: Today the National Film Board of Canada released a free iPad app (download it here), providing users free access to thousands of documentaries, animated films and trailers. All films (including some in 3-D) can be streamed over Wi-Fi and 3G wireless networks. And you can even download and watch a film offline for up to 48 hours.


Animated Aurora Borealis from Orbit

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While working on the International Space Station, Astronaut Don Pettit created this remarkable video of the aurora borealis (otherwise known as The Northern Lights). How? By stitching together a large sequence of still images that he took from space. It makes for some good viewing…


Leon Levinstein: Photography Reveals How Little We See

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An unsung photography hero of the 20th century, Leon Levinstein inhabited a lonely world behind his lens, yet captured the richness of the world in front of it with remarkable elegance and vigor.


Clay Shirky: How Cognitive Surplus Will Change the World?

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Clay Shirky’s book tour collided with the TED conference in Cannes earlier this month, and what you get is a crisp, 13-minute precis of the arguments in Shirky’s new book, Cognitive Surplus: Creativity and Generosity in a Connected Age.


5,000 Years in 90 Seconds

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Great empires rise and fall, mostly in the Middle East. Watch history play itself out on dynamic maps and timeline.
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Document the World’s Story on 10.10.10.

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Aspiring (or even casual) filmmakers, get ready for One Day on Earth. On October 10th, 2010, thousands of people worldwide will shoot film and produce a crowdsourced documentary showcasing “the diversity, conflict, tragedy, and triumph that can occur in one 24-hour period on Earth.


Early Films of New York City

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In 1900, New York City was heading into a century of unimaginable transformation. And, thanks to The Library of Congress (LOC), you can now revisit 43 videos showing the city laying the foundations for their burgeoning metropolis. The clips, all black & white and silent, appear on iTunesU, YouTube and the LOC web site.


Hitchens Cancels Speaking Engagements

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Having recently turned 60, Christopher Hitchens decided it was time to write a memoir. Hence Hitch-22, his new book published earlier this month. For a moment, the publicity machine got rolling. (Above, we have him talking with Anthony Layser in a short video called “Drinking with Hitchens.” Watch Part 2 here.


Einstein for the Masses: Yale Presents a Primer on the Great Physicist’s Thinking

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Who couldn’t use this? A basic introduction to Einstein’s thinking – one that assumes no prior knowledge, just an open mind. In one short hour, Ramamurti Shankar (Professor of Physics & Applied Physics at Yale) breaks down Einstein’s theories and formulas for a lay audience.


Daniel Pink: The Surprising Truth about What Motivates Us

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RSA offers up another animated video explaining what makes us tick. This time, they’re featuring a lecture by Daniel Pink, the bestselling author of Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us.


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