Mahatma Gandhi Talks (in First Recorded Video)

This vintage clip brings you the first recorded video (with sound) of Mahatma Gandhi, who led India’s nonviolent resistance movement against British colonial rule. Shot some time before 1947 (when independence finally came), the video runs a mere four minutes. But it’s enough to show you the serene and fearless determination that made Gandhi such a forceful figure, and inspired Martin Luther King Jr. to end segregation in America a few years later. Great find by @Hudsonette

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  • Mr Mel

    Amazing piece of world history.

  • Varun

    Thank you Dan – after that piece on TIME (,9171,1999416,00.html) – I really needed to know that I wasnt part of a culture that everybody likes to mock :)

    /\ \/

  • Janak

    I didn’t know Martin Luther was inspired by Mahatma Gandhi

    Anyways, thanks so much for the video.

  • Fernando1958

    thanks to Alyssa Milano for tweeting about this site.
    Gandhi is my model in life. MLK my second. I wonder when the 3rd person with the same passion will be born?

  • Carmen

    As I sit here, watching Gandhi on Tv, it touches my heart as deeply as it first did when I first saw it many years ago. Thank you for this amazing footage.

  • Daniel

    Can anyone tell what he’s saying at 1:29?

  • Felix

    “some time before 1947″ … probably jut before September 1931 (given the reference to the upcoming “Second Round Table Conference”)

  • kishana jee

    महात्मा गांधी वैसे तो स्वदेशी की बात करते थे लेकिन आजादी के बाद भी नंपुसक की भाँति जिये और मुस्लिम तुष्टीकरण करते रहे क्या ये महात्मा के लक्षण है

  • shiva, rajdeep and samreen

    today i am very happy on listening live talk of mahatma gandhi. today, i can say that he was very optimistic and very intelligent at the same time. may god bless him with peace. bharat mata ki jai. vande mataram.

  • the author

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  • lotus

    “of course civil disobedience, and all other phases of the tabra are always at our disposal but whether we shall resolve to this weapon immediately or what other steps we shall take I cannot judge at the moment”.