The Monty Python Philosophy Football Match: The Greeks v. the Germans

Today, we’re revisiting a classic Monty Python skit. The scene is the 1972 Munich Olympics. The event is a football/soccer match, pitting German philosophers against Greek philosophers. On the one side, the Germans — Hegel, Nietzsche, Kant, Marx and, um, Franz Beckenbauer. On the other side, Archimedes, Socrates, Plato and the rest of the gang. The referee? Confucius. On May 9, this match was recreated by The Philosophy Shop, a group dedicated to promoting philosophy among primary schoolchildren. The Telegraph gives you more details.

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  • forma

    hehehee :) thank you very much. I love it

  • goldeneagle

    Kinda boring without Plato. Fresh legs n’ all.

  • Modern Day Serf

    …and Marx is claiming that it was offside.

  • tabela

    blog sitenizi çok başarılı buldum

  • Li Gangrui

    Love It Best!

  • Tim Harrod

    That of course is a clip from Monty Python at the Hollywood Bowl, one of the superior comedy concert films… but die-hard fans can tell you where that clip was first seen.

  • tutku

    çok güzel tabelalar

  • Kathy A

    I was expecting Beckenbauer to run the ball up the field himself and score.

  • One hun or other

    So, this finally puts it straight. Who’s our last living philosopher, on par with Aristotle and Marx.

    … I am afraid, you got that right. Let us not start about music.