Out My Window: An Interactive Documentary

Out My Window – it’s a new interactive documentary, a film unlike any you have seen before. Katerina Cizek, the director, put it together over the course of years, and the award-winning film uses its novel approach to explore life, as it goes on, within highrises – the most commonly built structures during the past century. Created with 360º video and high end web technology, Out My Window brings you to 13 different locations across the globe, moving from Chicago to São Paulo, to Bangalore and Johannesburg. And the story doesn’t unfold linearly. You choose where and when you want the stories (49 in total) to begin and end. The film is better experienced than described. So my recommendation: Watch the trailer, or just jump into the interactive documentary and see for yourself.

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  • http://dustbowlpoetry.wordpress.com Shelley

    This is “Rear Window” with a vengeance!

  • http://highrise.nfb.ca kat cizek

    i’m the director of out my window, thanks so much for the review! your blog is awesome, and we’ve been getting great feedback from teachers and educators from around the planet.

  • http://twitter.com/trevver Trevor Haldenby

    Out My Window is now crowdsourcing photos from around the world! Submit yours through Flickr!