Warhol’s Screen Tests: Lou Reed, Dennis Hopper, Nico, and More

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Between 1964 and 1966, Andy Warhol shot close to 500 short movies of friends, celebrities, models, and any of the other lovely young things who passed through his studio known as The Factory.


Orion: The Beauty of South Dakota Nights in Time Lapse

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This past February, Randy Halverson ventured forth into the frigid South Dakota night to create a painfully pretty time-lapse film. He called it “Sub Zero,” an apt title given that temperatures fell to -25 degrees Fahrenheit.


Flux: Short Animation Inspired by İlhan Koman

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Sit back and enjoy Candaş Şişman’s video dedicated to the influential Turkish sculptor, İlhan Koman (1923-1986). Rodin, Giacometti, Brancusi – they all informed Koman’s work, and now filter back into Şişman’s video installation, which went on display at last year’s Hulda Festival.


Spy Magazine (1986-1998) Now Online

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You want to know why Rupert Murdoch runs the world and you don’t? Here’s a hint: In 1990, Spy Magazine (now archived at Google Books) sent Murdoch and a slew of other wealthy celebrities checks for $1.11 as a prank. Murdoch cashed his right away — because even when he was just a lowly billionaire, the guy understood money.


A Very Brief History of Royal Weddings

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I can’t say that we’ll be watching the royal wedding. But we should at least put a thin veneer of intelligence on top of the shallow spectacle. That’s our job.


“Jersey Shore” in the Style of Oscar Wilde

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We giddily present “Jersey Shore” Gone Wilde, as performed by the cast of The Importance of Being Earnest, a production currently being staged by the Roundabout Theatre Company in New York City.


Fire Ants Create Life Raft in 100 Seconds Flat

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The central intelligence of ants – the way ant colonies organize themselves without a leader and get things done – continues to amaze scientists and science writers alike.


The Wisdom of Carl Sagan Animated

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Back in 1990, Voyager 1 snapped a photo of planet Earth from a record distance – 3.7 billion miles away. And there we saw it, our home, Planet Earth, a small blue dot almost swallowed by the vastness of space.


Ray Kurzweil, Futurist: 10 Questions About What’s Coming Next

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The 2009 documentary Transcendent Man: The Life and Ideas of Ray Kurzweil is currently screening both online and in select venues, and provoking exactly the wide range of responses one would expect from a film about a futurist who has claimed, among other things, that man would soon learn how to extend his life “indefinitely.


Sartre, Heidegger, Nietzsche: Documentary Presents Three Philosophers in Three Hours

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“Human, All Too Human” is a three-hour BBC series from 1999, about the lives and work of Friedrich Nietzsche, Martin Heidegger, and Jean-Paul Sartre. The filmmakers focus heavily on politics and historical context — the Heidegger hour, for example, focuses almost exclusively on his troubling relationship with Nazism.


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