Richard Dawkins to Publish Children’s Book This Fall

Richard Dawkins, the Oxford evolutionary biologist, has a new book coming out this fall. This time, it’s a children’s book called The Magic of Reality: How We Know What’s Really True. Interviewed in Der Spiegel in March, Dawkins talked a little about what he hoped to accomplish here, saying:

Each chapter is a question like: What is an earthquake? What is a rainbow? What is the sun? Each chapter begins with a series of myths seemingly answering those questions, and then I counter that with explanations about the true nature of things. There is something very cheap about magic in the supernatural sense, like turning a frog into a prince with a magic wand. Reality has a grander, poetic magic of its own, which I hope I can get across.

Already you can see some preliminary artwork for the book. We have one cover design above, and another one here. We’ll have more on the book when it comes out…

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  • cdavie5

    Oh, thank metaphorical God!

  • Ryan

    Can’t wait to read this to my children as bedtime stories. Well, I guess bedtime facts. :)

  • Gaf

    Dawkins looks a bit creepy in the jacket image of the alternate cover link. I’m interested in seeing where he goes with this, though.