Milky Way Panorama (with a Backstory)

Nick Risinger, an amateur astronomer from Seattle, quit his day job last year, packed his bags and cameras, and began a 60,000 mile journey, moving across the American West and down to the western Cape of South Africa (twice). His voyage would end with a 5000-megapixel photograph of the entire night sky, produced from 37,440 separate exposures, and it yields a staggering 360-degree view of the Milky Way. Even better, the image now lives online in an interactive format, giving you the ability to wander through the cosmos.

For more on this, be sure to visit Photopic Sky Survey. Here Risinger gives you the personal and technical backstory on his project, and also gives you the chance to purchase photos, or even lend financial support to the sky survey.

via The Mail Online

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  • Michael LaRocca

     All I can say is “wow.”

  • Bob Radosevic

    What a fantastic project you not only took on but what you produced is stupendous. Thank you so very much. Please be PROUD  of your accomplishment…