The “Ask Sam Harris Anything” Hour

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Sam Harris — he wrote the bestsellers The End of Faith and Letter to a Christian Nation. He’s also one-fourth of the New Atheist quartet informally called The Four Horsemen (where you’ll also find Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens and Daniel Dennett.


Splitscreen: A Love Story

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The Nokia Short 2011 competition wrapped up this weekend at the Edinburgh International Film Festival, and the jury gave the first prize to Splitscreen: A Love Story. Shot with a Nokia N8 mobile phone and a hand-held dolly (watch the “making of” video here), the film elegantly weaves together scenes from Paris and New York.


Gone With the Wind Turns 75, and Shows its Age

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It’s with some discomfort that the author names Gone with the Wind, published exactly 75 years ago today, her favorite childhood book: It was thick, it was romantic — and perhaps most crucially for any awkward, bespectacled preteen girl — it featured a headstrong heroine whose appeal to the opposite sex derived more from her charm than her phy


The Perils of the Bike Lane: Pratfalls with a Purpose

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Completely random. Can’t believe this guy (who happens to be an HBO filmmaker) didn’t wear a helmet. The best scene is saved for last.


Springsteen’s Eulogy for Clarence Clemons‎

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Today, Bruce Springsteen published on his web site a revised version of the eulogy he delivered last week for Clarence Clemons, his friend and band mate. It’s equal parts honest and moving.


iPhone Magic by Techno-Illusionist Marco Tempest

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No more top hat and handkerchief. Marco Tempest uses iPods and iPhones to create magic for the 21st century. He calls himself a techno-illusionist. “I explore the borders between technology and magic,” says Tempest, “between what’s incredibly real and incredibly not.” Originally from Switzerland, Tempest now lives in New York City.


The History of the English Language in Ten Animated Minutes

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Yesterday, the Open University released ‘The History of English in 10 Minutes,’ a witty animated sequence that takes you through 1600 years of linguistic history. The Vikings gave us “give” and “take.” Shakespeare added another 2,000 words and expressions to the mix.


Beatles, Friends & Family: Photos by Linda McCartney

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In 1967, a young Linda Eastman went to London to photograph the “Swinging Sixties” and snagged exclusive photos of The Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix. In the midst of it all, she met Paul McCartney, and when the two married in 1969, she had a fixed place within rock ‘n roll’s inner circle.


Fantastic BBC Footage of J.R.R. Tolkien in 1968

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The high points of this documentary on the great J.R.R. Tolkien, from the BBC Series In Their Own Words: British Novelists, are the moments that fulfill the promise of the series’ title. Skip over the distracting “man on the street” interviews and long pans of the landscape, meant perhaps to invoke Middle Earth.


Google App Enhances Museum Visits; Launched at the Getty

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Earlier this year, Google rolled out “Art Project,” a tool that lets you access 1,000 works of art appearing in 17 great museums across the world, from the Met in New York City to the Uffizi Gallery in Florence. (More on that here.


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