A Big Bach Download: The Complete Organ Works for Free

We mentioned this one long ago, and it’s time to mention it again: You can download for free the complete organ works of Johann Sebastian Bach. They were recorded by Dr. James Kibbie (University of Michigan) on original baroque organs in Leipzig, Germany. Feel free to start with a collection of Favorite Masterworks, or get the complete works that have been divided into 13 groups for easy download. Once you download these zip files, you will need to unzip them before playing the tracks. Enjoy, and don’t miss our related post: How a Bach Canon Works. It’s rather brilliant.

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  • Carol A

    Thanks for this link – a real treasure trove for Bach fans!

  • Ronald Günther (Rony)

    Adorei, já compartilhei. Isso sim é música. Na minha árvore genealógica tem Bach.

  • j. i . ussery

    what’s the catch?

  • Lorenzo

    hi, i really appreciate this site. where can i find the link to download the amazing organ composition ?

  • Bachcabach

    where’s the download link??

  • kevin

    i want to learn more about organ works

  • Barbara

    I just love it !!

  • Svetlana

    Hello. What licence is used to spread this compasitions? :)