How Film Was Made: A Kodak Nostalgia Moment

Before pixels there were silver halide crystals, and before memory cards, film. Little yellow boxes cluttered the lives of photographers everywhere, and the Eastman Kodak Company was virtually synonymous with photography.

Things have really changed. With the recent news that Kodak is teetering on the brink of Chapter 11 bankruptcy, many are feeling nostalgia for those little yellow boxes and the rolls of silver gelatin film inside. To indulge this nostalgia–and perhaps learn something new about an old technology–we offer a fascinating 1958 documentary from Kodak entitled How Film is Made.

The documentary is in Dutch, but members of the Analog Photography Users Group launched a project to create English subtitles. You can read more about the project on Dutch member Marco Boeringa’s website. And you can watch the 18-minute film starting above and concluding below.

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