Physicist Lawrence Krauss Explains How Everything Comes from Nothing

Last fall, we featured a talk by the hot-shot theoretical physicist Lawrence Krauss, “A Universe from Nothing,” which answered some big enchilada questions: What is our current understanding of the universe? When did the universe begin? What came before it? How could something come from nothing? And what will happen to the universe in the future?

The lecture gave a snapshot of the thinking laid out in Krauss’ newly-released book by the same title: A Universe from Nothing: Why There Is Something Rather than Nothing. The book just hit the stands, and right now it’s #51 on the Amazon bestseller list. Not bad for a text that delves into the complex mysteries of dark matter, quantum mechanics and cosmology.

In case you missed the original lecture, we have posted “A Universe from Nothing” below for your viewing pleasure. (It has racked up over a million views on YouTube.) And you can catch the video trailer for Krauss’ new book right above. Find more great physics videos in our collection of Free Online Courses and Great Science Videos.

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  • chilangado

    i posted a comment here and it was deleted. why?

  • gerdi

    obviously too objective. – all comments have been delete.

  • Miguel Rodas

    I really enjoyed this one too:

  • James

    I had that theory years ago, it’s all logic. No matter what everything must come from something. Thus, somewhere down the line something must come from nothing. Nothing is still something otherwise we wouldn’t be able to classify it so the next question becomes, where did that nothing/nothingness come from? Is it really nothing or just what we classify it as?