Venice in a Day: From Daybreak to Sunset in Timelapse

It's not the first timelapse video of Venice, and it certainly won't be the last. You can bank on that. But what distinguishes this clip from the others is its continual focus on the canals that make Venice, Venice. Gives this video three minutes and it will give you a full day in the life of Venetian waterways. And when you're done, don't miss How Venice Works, an impressive 18 minute video that explains the complex inner-workings of the city made up of 124 islands, 183 canals, 438 bridges and the rest. How it all hangs together is pretty amazing.

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  • Georgenjiiri says:

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  • vittorio says:

    This is a sily & crazy action: Venice is NOT ONLY the channel and the quality of visitor’s and resident’s life is relaxed, the rythmitself is very clam and relaxed. This is a rapeof the town and of it’s history

  • Orhan says:

    Arifin mençistıra attıgı golü arıyordum nereye geldim amk. Şaka maka ne kadar güzel şu memleket

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