A Stringed Salute to AC/DC and Guns N’ Roses

Russell Fallstad and Adam DeGraff come from Lewisburg, West Virginia. The two fiddlers/violinists have been close friends for 20+ years. They trained together at the same music schools, steeping themselves in classical music. Then, they decided to move in a new direction and explore the brave new world of “violin rock,” where “classical training combines with sizzling energy and a raw improvisational creativity.” Above you can watch the Dueling Fiddlers prepare for their debut concert, performing an AC/DC mashup of “Back in Back” and “Thunderstruck.” Maybe one day you’ll find them on tour with 2Cellos, who perform G ‘n R’s “Welcome to the Jungle” below.

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  • http://- Aaron M

    ‘A Stringed saluted’? Is the band called A Stringed or is this a grammatical error?

  • Gaynor Clarkson

    Violin rock is hardly a “brave new world”. Try looking for Ed Alleyne-Johnson on YouTube, he’s been rocking his electric violin for years!