Young Robert De Niro Appears in 1969 AMC Car Commercial

In 1969, Robert De Niro hadn’t yet landed a major film role. (That would come four years later.) So, like many young actors, he did commercials, including this fine one. Not much is known about this spot, other than De Niro, then 26 years old, gives a hammed up pitch for the 1969 Ambassador, a boat of a car made by the American Motors Corporation, a company once run by George Romney, father of Mitt.

Enjoy the video, and when you’re done, don’t miss the additional footage. You’ll get more young actors and actresses doing commercials during their salad days.

Farrah Fawcett – Union 76 (1972)
Dustin Hoffman – Volkswagon (1966)
Kim Basinger – Bright Side Shampoo (1972)
Lindsay Wagner – Twice as Nice Shampoo (1967)
John Travolta – US Army (1973)
Cybill Shepherd – Cover Girl (1969)

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  • Joe

    Wow. A whole $288! Even adjusting for inflation, the soldiers were getting short changed by Uncle Sam and his military-industrial complex.

  • Richard

    Diane Keaton did a commercial for Hour After Hour deodorant:

  • mfb1949

    Larry King did one for affordable arks.