The Higgs Boson and Its Discovery Explained with Animation

Ever since the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) went online in 2008, physicists have been conducting experiments, hoping to finally prove or disprove the existence of The God Particle, otherwise known as the Higgs Boson. Today, researchers working at CERN (which operates the LHC) announced that they think they’ve finally found it. In case you’re looking for a primer on The God Particle, we’re bringing back a video we first posted in April. Here we have Daniel Whiteson, a physics professor at UC Irvine, giving us a fuller explanation of the Higgs Boson, mercifully using animation to demystify the theory and the LHC experiments that were used to confirm it.

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  • Tamara

    Enough with the dumbing-down of science! Do intelligent adults really need animation to help us ‘get’ this stuff?

  • bren

    If you’re really an intelligent adult, you should realise that different people learn in different ways. I am heavily interested in this stuff but i struggle with the technical side of things and also with the maths. I’m a designer not a scientist – so a simple straightforward visual explanation gets me where i need to be. Its arrogance like yours which does more harm to the public understanding of science than good.

  • Rogi Riverstone

    Yes, I need visuals. I have brain injuries. AND I have an above average IQ. I can NOT retain mathematics. I retain/comprehend spoken language & visuals. Excuse the rest of us for not thinking like you do, since you are obviously the standard by which everybody else SHOULD live. No WONDER the mobs are massing to burn the library of Alexandria again! As Sagan said, “there was nobody there to stop them.” Ivory tower snob. Thanks for making this animation. It REALLY helped. Now, do relativity and string theory, please.

  • James

    Animation is not the equivalent of dumbing-down. In this case, I agree that it simplifies the concept, but your comment makes it sound like animation is for ignorant people when it serves many valid functions for narrative or expository matters. So please, leave the misconceptions aside.

  • Jeremy


  • OmTamil

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  • Perumahan Manado

    Nice,, let me to share this posting
    thank you

  • olagjo

    Is it possible to find the entire drawing that resulted from this video somewhere?

  • Kelle

    Excellent, thank you so very much. I learn through hearing. Once something is heard its immediately understood. Billions of people billions way to learn. A fool would know this.

  • Chrissy

    Gee Tamara, did you make yourself feel all big and bad there? Sorry not everyone is an Einstein like you! However, if you were truly an intelligent adult you would know about “left brained” people vs “right brained” people and you would know there are visual, audio, and kinestetic learners. Everybody should be able to enjoy and understand science if they to. What a horrible comment to make!

  • http://gmail hanitha nasreen

    sci is nt a fun hw dare r u kelle