Ai Weiwei’s Parody of ‘Gangnam Style’

Somehow this one slipped by me, and perhaps by you too. In recent weeks, Chinese dissident artist Ai Weiwei posted a video parodying Gangnam Style, the unexpectedly massive hit recorded by the South Korean rapper Psy. To date, the music video for Gangnam Style has been viewed 792 million times on YouTube. That has to be some kind of record. And everyone has had fun riffing on it. The North Koreans have used it to mock rival South Korean politicians. And Ai Weiwei seems to be taking a shot at China's ruling party (you see the handcuffs, no?). Or maybe he's just blowing off some steam.

Earlier this month, the artist also produced a new video titled "How to Scientifically Remove a Shiny Screw with Chinese Characteristics From a Moving Vehicle in Eighteen Turns." The video, writes Hintmag, follows Ai Weiwei "on a bus making its way through Beijing—notably passing by Tiananmen Square—while literally unscrewing a screw. It's thought to be a statement on the Communist Party of China and the new 18th National Congress, which took office two weeks ago." You can watch it right below.

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  • Alexis Wallrich says:

    Who is the singer and the song ?

  • Frank says:

    Zuoxiao Zuzhou is a Beijing-based Chinese legendary rock musician and a contemporary artist. He founded the influential indie rock band “No” in early 90’s. The song title translates in Google as something like Labor of Love.
    There is a ton of Chinese Communist Party context alluded to in this video that, once understood, greatly increases the satirical thrust.

  • Kit Minden says:

    Keep it up! We are with you!

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