Fourteen-Year-Old Girl’s Blistering Heavy Metal Performance of Vivaldi

She is 14 years old, and apparently French. Not much else is known about this precocious young guitarist who goes by the name “Tina S” on her YouTube channel.

Tina became an Internet sensation in late May, when she posted an astonishing cover version of “Eruption,” from Van Halen’s debut album. Eddie Van Halen’s son Wolfgang was so impressed he tweeted, “I need to meet this girl!!!” Writing as “@Tina_Guitare,” the young musician replied, “I need to meet you too! Haha :))” Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres also went on Twitter and said, “This girl is incredible. If you know where she is, I want her on my show immediately.” There was no reply to that one — at least not on Twitter.

Now Tina is back with a new video, made by her teacher Renaud Louis-Servais, in which she rips through a cover of “Vivaldi Tribute,” Patrick Rondat’s speed metal adaptation of the climactic “Presto” (very fast) movement of the Baroque composer Antonio Vivaldi’s “Summer” concerto from The Four Seasons. It’s an amazing performance for a 14-year-old (although you should also see her playing classical guitar when she was nine). After watching it above you can look below for a little perspective on the music, as famed violinist Itzhak Perlman plays the same movement with a group of young musicians in a 2003 episode of the PBS show Live From Lincoln Center:

via That Eric Alper

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  • Erik

    For listening to an “original” interpretation I find this one, by a baroque orchestra on period instruments, more suited than the Perlman version:

  • Benz

    That was great! If you liked that check out the Steve Vai version in the movie Crossroads and no not the the Britney Spears movie, the other one.

  • Lafs1984

    fucking love it you go girl!!!!

  • Q.

    I think my mouth is hanging open. All I could think is: They must have speeded up the video! This is truly amazing.

  • segundo asensio

    muy bien Tina…

  • radioredrafts

    The distortion is turned up way too much for it to sound good, but technically speaking, it’s very impressive.

  • Chris. B

    Check out the rest of her vidoes. She can give Eddie Van Halen a run for his money.

  • stefan a

    She’s great. I wish she’d pull back on the distortion pedal and let us here her play cleanly. She doesn’t need to hide behind it.

  • resqspc

    The comparison to Perlman is most fitting…I wish this young woman massive success!

  • KismetBTR (@KismetBTR)

    I do see a few cuts in the video. She may have goofed a bit and they edited it out. Still darn good if real

  • Easywriter


  • Alinutza

    She is from Romania. Her dad is a singer&composer Daniel Robu.

  • Wolfgang s

    Incredable…..we should all burn our axes in salute, Says Jimi

  • richard harper

    You might try Nigel Kennedy for a closer match of energy

    for cross over see Nigel play Hendrix in his house coat

  • http://N/A Michael Vuister

    A beautiful spirit….. Respect,,,, and may you have a great life…..

  • loki

    This was amazing … the fact that it has distortion to me means so much….classical music takes so much doscipline .. if vivaldi wrote the four seasons piece today ot woild probably be distorted also

  • eddie

    impressionant de justesse et de rapidité.
    tu es un génie de la gratte Tina:):):):):)

  • TJ

    Awesome, to Benz, The song in Crossroads is Niccolo Paganini’s Caprice #5, not Vivaldi but still awesome :)

  • Bev Hansson

    wow, that was fanbloodytastic!! you rock girlfriend!! :*

  • Alexov

    I am reminded of the incredible Dr Viossi and his guitar playing, in this style, of the last and very fast third movement of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata. That’s easy to find on youtube and will blow your mind, just like this piece. We’re all familiar with the first movement but the third is better by miles.

  • David

    Its the bored teenager look that gets me! Wonderful stuff.

  • Mike

    Please. Her sloppy playing is hidden by all that distortion and echo. I’d like to see just one video of her playing something cleanly. I’ll bet it would sound terrible.

  • Alex

    her performance was perfect. I agree with Mike Springer. why is Mike being such an ass?

  • Cipopus

    She can put the distortion a little bit lower. maybe in a Paul Gilbert style. Her virtuosity can afford cleaner sound. But she is incredible! Bravo! @ Alinutza – Really, is she from Romania? Can you prove it?

  • Henry Mu

    She’s so much better than I have ever been or ever will be on any instrument, but there are lots of very talented kids out there, many with similar chops. It’s great that she’s working on her skills, but this ain’t “blisterin’” or particularly original.

  • Keith


  • Ray Aron’s

    Just watch her fingering and how masterful she works the keyboard. Perfect posture. Marvelous!!!

  • Robin McMullen

    Her virtuosity leaves me breathless. If she wants it, she has a brilliant career just waiting.

  • Roy Lesher

    Wonderful and so exemplary for all children to encourage them to achieve and excel at whatever they wish. The sky is the limit.

  • Peter Cook

    Fantastic stuff – there’s no stopping her from here.

    …but can she play “Fiscal Cliff”? :-)

  • David Hasbury-Snogles

    This girl has amazing talent and yes the sound is a little distorted in parts, but I love the way they have combined the modern electric guitar with renowned classical music – brilliant!

  • Jeff

    Nice! What’s with all the haters? She’s only 14! By the time she’s 21 she’ll be amazing if she sticks with it. Probably more talented than some of the “critics”

  • Wayne

    Amazing…don’t ever stop…absorb any criticism with humour..there will always be critics but you are way above them, and always will be….keep on rocking have it all!

  • John


  • sam

    I would like to see a video with Venetian scenes.My,this is quite poignant when one ponders that this is music of Venice created by Vivaldi who worked for many years in a girls school for orphans there and taught young women just like our performer here to play his music;its an interesting connection over some three hundred the music is transcribed in a very immediate fashion,conveying all of the original fire and bravura. Brava;Brava Bravisima!

  • Ben

    I has a lot of power, that’s for sure. Btw., I heard this performed in Vivaldi’s church in Venice when I was there in July.

  • kathy

    elle est phénoménale

  • Jeff

    Hey where is Simone cowell you should listen to here

  • David Andrew Howard

    I’ve worked with guitars half my life and you won’t get better than that.

  • Eileen Batson

    Awesome! and with a flat pick !!

  • Srbija