Great Story: How Neil Young Introduced His Classic 1972 Album Harvest to Graham Nash


Graham Nash, of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, has a new book out, Wild Tales: A Rock & Roll Life. And that means he’s doing interviews, many interviews. A couple of weeks ago, he spent an excellent hour on The Howard Stern Show (seriously). Next, it was off to chat with the more cerebral Terry Gross on NPR’s Fresh Air. In the midst of the interview (listen online here), Gross asked Nash to talk about his friendship with Neil Young, a man Nash has called “the strangest of my friends.” Just what makes him strange? Nash explains:

The man is totally committed to the muse of music. And he’ll do anything for good music. And sometimes it’s very strange. I was at Neil’s ranch one day just south of San Francisco, and he has a beautiful lake with red-wing blackbirds. And he asked me if I wanted to hear his new album, “Harvest.” And I said sure, let’s go into the studio and listen.

Oh, no. That’s not what Neil had in mind. He said get into the rowboat.

I said get into the rowboat? He said, yeah, we’re going to go out into the middle of the lake. Now, I think he’s got a little cassette player with him or a little, you know, early digital format player. So I’m thinking I’m going to wear headphones and listen in the relative peace in the middle of Neil’s lake.

Oh, no. He has his entire house as the left speaker and his entire barn as the right speaker. And I heard “Harvest” coming out of these two incredibly large loud speakers louder than hell. It was unbelievable. Elliot Mazer, who produced Neil, produced “Harvest,” came down to the shore of the lake and he shouted out to Neil: How was that, Neil?

And I swear to god, Neil Young shouted back: More barn!

To that we say, more Neil Young! Find more Neil right below.

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  • sizzletwits

    Stern is a great interviewer. Why the surprise?

  • Open Culture

    I know it, for sure I’m not sure that others do — that they can get past the other parts of the show.

  • JDSoCal

    Good article, except for the author preferring lame-ass NPR to Howard Stern.

  • Serai 1

    So if NPR is so lame, what the hell are you doing here?

  • Alex Karamanis

    Great story! Music is joyful, and so is Neil.

  • JDSoCal

    Followed a link from The Loop.nnnNPR is for libtards.

  • hillarys_new_shoes

    People who use the term “libtards” are basically walking about with a sign around their neck that says “disregard my opinions, for I am a fool.”

  • Serai 1

    LOL. Wingnut troll.

  • Serai 1

    LOL. Wingnut troll.

  • Serai 1

    It is amusing how eagerly they trumpet their fatuousness, though.

  • Serai 1

    It is amusing how eagerly they trumpet their fatuousness, though.

  • Serai 1

    So unbelievably funny that you whine about “libtards” and yet you like Young, who is one of the most liberal musicians around. How do you reconcile this discrepancy, exactly?

  • Go Tama

    The same Neil Young who praised Reagan

  • Go Tama

    LOL, Libtard troll

  • Go Tama

    People who are liberal are basically walking with a sign around their neck that says ” the government thinks for me because I can’t think for myself “

  • Go Tama

    How’s your new heath care coming along ?

  • xp

    “Young, who is one of the most liberal musicians around”

    Now I’m a huge Neil Young fan and as liberal as they come. To describe Neil Young as one of the most liberal musicians around is grossly inaccurate. He’s had many flirations with the right in his storied career and if I’m not mistaken he was initially a big supporter of the first gulf war.

  • J-Bone

    “… if I’m not mistaken he was initially a big supporter of the first gulf war.”

    You, sir, are mistaken.

  • Jeff Olson

    Suporter or not? I do know that the first Gulf war was a whole different “kettle of fish” than Jr’s.