All of Bach for Free! New Site Will Put Performances of 1080 Bach Compositions Online

Bach wrote 1080 compositions during his lifetime. And now thanks to the new and certainly ambitious All of Bach web site, you can eventually watch the Netherlands Bach Society (founded in 1921) perform each and every one of those compositions. The site features 13 performances so far (see below), which means there’s only another 1067 to go. A new Bach recording will go live every Friday. So you mark your calendars and check in weekly for the next 20 years. Thanks to Erik for sending this our way!

First recordings:

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  • soona.oh


  • M.R. Stringer

    Wunderbar !!!!

  • Lisa

    The website is there with portal pages to the few recordings they’ve put up so far, but no way I can see to play the music. Odd .. and frustrating.

  • graeme roberts

    Lisa…. I listened to all the recordings with no difficulty. There is no problem with the portal pages, the problem is with you!

  • geo whets

    Well this should keep you occupied for a weekend.An extended weekend. Very extended.

  • Johan

    Also free Bach organworks: : all Bach organworks, but in progress.

    Well played Bach, a beautifull project!